Zootopia judy x nick fanfiction

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A Zootopia fanfiction written by WildeNickThree Months a Fox expands upon the canon story of Zootopia, telling the tale of how the city of Zootopia came to be known as 'The Zootopia judy x nick fanfiction Gripped by Fear' in the three-month Time Skip only briefly elaborated on in the movie. Picking up in the immediate aftermath of the disastrous ZPD press event that officially kickstarted the Savage Crisis, the story follows Nick Wilde as he is forced to deal with the shattering loss of his friendship with Judy Hopps, the depressing return to his former life as a sly, shifty con-fox, the horror of witnessing the rapid escalation of the Savage Crisis firstpaw as predators start going savage left and right, and the resulting fear, hatred, and discrimination he and the rest of the predator population of Zootopia face from the city's prey as the attacks and casualties continue climbing higher and higher.

A story of self-discovery and survival, Three Months a Fox will show the reader just what trials and tribulations Nick had to go through in the three months before his fateful reunion with Judy under the bridge in the movie. While chiefly focusing on Nick's perspective, the story is occasionally interspersed with chapters that focus on other character's points of view, telling brief, but sad Slice of Life stories from other Zootopian predators dealing with the consequences of the Savage Crisis, as well as chapters dedicated to the sinister backdoor activities of Mayor Dawn Bellwether, as well as her fellow co-conspirators Kyle Hayworth and Jayson Talon III, in their attempt to sow racial hatred against the predators of Zootopia and to bring the city under their nefarious control.

Although, in truth, the conquering of Zootopia may well be but a small part of a much grander, darker plan On top of the main story, Three Months a Fox also does an incredible amount of Worldbuildingwith the author greatly expanding upon aspects of history and culture for both the city of Zootopia and the wider world outside it in ways that sound simultaneously interesting and plausible. Three Months a Fox can be found here. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this.

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Get Known if you don't have an. I am a predator. There is no point in trying to be anything else.

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Finnick : Makers above, you and the whole naturalist thing! Nick : Shuddup, you like it too.

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For more reasons than one, I might add. Kivo : Someone is making an awful lot of money off this savage thing. We're going to find out who. Just like with everything else, we are going to be asking the hard questions, following the evidence, and reporting on the facts Your hunger for truth led you here, and it's the millions around Zootopia, just like you, that have made Pouncehart Media the reality it is today. This is the real movement, and its demands are truth.

Ram Leader : leans in close to Nick's face You ever shut up, fox? Nick : delivers spit You ever gonna hit me? Big : Ah, Johnny Wilde. Some mammals might have called him a good fox, or even a good predator, but I always thought of him as a good mammal. Straight-laced as they came, smart, genuinely kind, he was the type of mammal others wanted to be around, the type others wanted to follow.

He was driven and capable in the way that few mammals ever are. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

Zootopia judy x nick fanfiction

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