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Aquagirl is the name of several fictional characters featured as superheroines in the comic books and other media produced by DC Comics. Lisa Morel is introduced in Adventure Comics November as one of several violet-eyed Atlantean children born unable to adapt to the watery world. They had been sent to the surface in waterproof lifeboats so they might survive among land-dwellers, and Lisa had been adopted by the scientist Dr. Hugo Morel and his wife.

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With Aquaman in danger, Lisa's water-breathing and telepathic powers awaken; she makes herself a costume identical to Aquaman's, takes on the name "Aquagirl" and fights alongside him. However, her new-found powers are short-lived, and she loses them permanently. This is the first and last appearance of the character. Selena is a young Poseidonis teenager who temporarily teams up with Aquaman under the name "Aqua-Girl" in World's Finest Comics May to make her former boyfriend jealous.

She succeeds, making Aqualad jealous of her temporary status as Aquaman's sidekick as well. Tula is introduced in Aquaman vol. Given the title Princess of Poseidonis, Tula is schooled in Atlantean traditions, and never leaves the royal palace until she meets Aqualad at age 15 in this issue.

Tula sometimes helps Aqualad with missions during his time with the original Teen Titansusing the name Aquagirl. His reign falls only when Tula le a rebellion against him. Tula and Garth their romance when he returns to Atlantis and they later appear in the s revival series New Teen Titans to aid the Titans in bringing down the H. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series —Aquagirl is killed by the villain Chemo when she drowns in water that he has poisoned.

Years later, in the Tempest miniseries, a woman claiming to Young justice tula Tula enters Garth's life. Garth sees through the ruse, is able to defeat Slizzath and finally gain a sense of closure about Tula's death. It is also at this time that Garth adopted a new identity as "Tempest". Most recently, Tula reappears in Teen Titans vol.

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She angrily beats the villain, claiming to be enraged about being resurrected as his puppet. She later is then returned to the afterlife after her time limit in Eternity's body is reached. Tula and Dolphin argue over Tempest, at the same time mocking him for not saving them. Sensing Garth's hope that she could fight what had been done to her, Tula tore out his heart, killing him and bringing about his reanimation as a Black Lantern.

However, her body is soon destroyed by a burst of white light emanating from Dawn Granger. The Ocean Master ordered Garth to be returned to his mother unharmed. Lorena Marquez is another fictional character to use the codename Aquagirl. She is a comic book superhero published by DC Comics. Lorena debuted in Aquaman vol. Lorena Marquez is on a date at the San Diego Zoo when an earthquake shakes San Diego and causes it to sink deep into the sea, killing thousands—including Lorena's entire family.

She comes into contact with Aquaman, who nurses her back to health as she discovers that she has developed the ability to breathe underwater like an Atlantean. The two manage to locate the other survivors of the quake, as well as Anton Geist, the scientist responsible for the catastrophe. Lorena and Aquaman have no choice but to begin rebuilding the city as " Sub Diego ". When Ocean Master switches Young justice tula with Aquaman, Lorena assumes the identity of Aquagirl, adopting an aquatic costume.

After Aquaman exposes Ocean Master's scheme, Lorena keeps her Aquagirl costume and identity, and the two carry on protecting Sub Diego.

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The two fight and Chandra admits she did not understand why Aquaman would allow Lorena to help him but she at that moment she understood, she is a good detective. Lorena is also a member of the Teen Titans during the events of Apparently, as one of the last Sub Diegoans able to breathe water, she is left in the seas, mourning Koryak's death in the rubble of Poseidonis. Aquagirl appears up in Terror Titans 1 and is kidnapped along with a group of other teen superheroes by the Terror Titans. While her teammate Molecule is slain by the new PersuaderLorena is taken alive, to be mindwiped and forced to fight in the Dark Side Club at the behest of the Apokoliptan Gods on Earth.

She is defeated twice, once by Rose Wilson after being stabbed, and again by a brainwashed Terrawho crushes Lorena with a pair of boulders. Aquagirl and the others are eventually freed by Miss Martianand Lorena s the survivors in a trek to Titans Tower in order to recover. While resting in the tower, Lorena meets and befriends Statictelling him that she Young justice tula her past experience as a member of the Teen Titans. After realizing that she has nowhere to go and no family, Lorena accepts Wonder Girl 's offer to re the team, taking up permanent residence in Titans Tower.

Remaining close friends with Static, Lorena also begins flirting in Spanish with her teammate Blue Beetledespite him already dating teen superheroine and Titan reserve member, Traci Despite her apparent concern for both Static and Blue Beetle, Aquagirl begins flirting with Superboy after she witnesses a fight between him and Wonder Girl. During a mission to rescue Raven from an extradimensional being called Wyld, Aquagirl and Bombshell are swallowed by massive sea monster mutated from Wyld's energy. In the Brightest Day crossover, Lorena is approached by Mera who had come searching for help against her sister and her Death Squad.

During the battle, Lorena rescues the new Aqualad by kicking Black Manta in the face just as he is about to stab the youth to death. After Mera and Aqualad successfully trap the invaders inside the Bermuda TriangleLorena tells Aqualad not to "get any ideas" as the two teens watch Aquaman and Mera passionately kiss. She is one of the former Titans that came to aid them in the battle between Superboy-Prime.

In her appearances, Tula seemingly demonstrates a partial shapeshifting ability, changing parts of her body to resemble those of sea creatures. She is last seen battling Donna Troy during the climactic battle at the superhuman Gulag and is possibly killed by the nuclear explosion that ends the conflict.

It is revealed that she has developed telepathic powers which she had used to kill or paralyze former Titan member Garth. Aquagirl Aquagirl Tula, left on the cover of Aquaman 33 May Art by Nick Cardy. Lorena, Koryak and Vulko in Aquaman 32 September Art by Patrick Gleason.

Main article: One Year Later. The Grand Comics Young justice tula. Retrieved on December 4, Dorling Kindersley. ISBN Aqualad found romance under the sea when scripter Bob Haney and artist Nick Cardy introduced him to fellow young Atlantean Tula, also known as Aquagirl. Retrieved on March 14, Archived from the original on Retrieved CS1 maint: archived copy as title link. Mort Weisinger Paul Norris. Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis. Aquaman: Power Wave. Hidden : CS1 maint: extra text: authors list CS1 maint: archived copy as title Character pop Converted comics character infoboxes Converted category character infoboxes.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. Download as PDF Printable version. Aquagirl Young justice tula, left on the cover of Aquaman 33 May Adapted for breathing underwater and resisting deep-sea-level pressure. Possesses super strength and toughness. Aquaman 16 May Will Pfeifer Patrick Gleason. Sub Diego.

Young justice tula

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