What is mastur

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Masturbation can be addictive. Unable to control masturbating, irritability, guilt, etc are most commonly associated symptoms of masturbation problem. It must be dealt by an expert and must be treate. Asked for Male, 24 Years Views v.

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Hello, The urge to masturbate varies from individuals to individuals. Therefore you may masturbate to the extent of your satisfaction levels. Masturbation is totally harmless unless it interferes in Asked for Male, 26 Years Views v. Need to talk to you personally. Kindly consult me online by direct consultation. Asked for Male, 21 Years Views v. Quitting masturbation is a healthy act u done, congrats, but consult a qualified sexologist for the satisfaction of mind Asked for Male, 27 Years Views v.

It's not bad but at d same time one needs a moderation for every thing One or twice a week not more Doing masturbation is not a sin, Hair falling may be related with Dandruff or some other health issues, Limit your masturbation frequencies.

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If you have more doubt its good to consult a doctor near by Masturbatio is safe but how to do it is precious. To know more give call. Asked for Male, 18 Years Views v. Asked for Male, 23 Years Views v. Great, 1st drop hate n resentments about d same n engage or concentrate in sports n ur kind of dance or any creative thing so ur love will noted by ur near n dear ones. Sure medicines n Approach in To Asked for Male, 20 Years 18 Views v. Masturbation is fine in limitations Asked for Male, 22 Years 22 Views v. Excess of anything can be problem and trouble you in future. Consult for advice Asked for Male, 19 Years 34 Views v.

Hi, This issue seems to be physical as well as psychological. We might need to connect once. Asked for Male, 24 Years 38 Views v. Hello, It is possible with your motivation. Avoid the circumstances which lead to more masturbation Asked for Male, 22 Years 49 Views v. Serviing in Ayurveda since 4 generations Buy online What is mastur relax 1 - 1 - 1 tab dryogipharma. Asked for Male, 28 Years 53 Views v. Asked for Male, 23 Years 45 Views v.

It requires professional help. Just random advising won't solve the problem. Still you can try. Asked for Male, 26 Years 17 Views v. Possibility is there Detailed history and consultation is advisable Asked for Male, 23 Years 20 Views v.

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Taking wrong medicine without proper prescription will make it more difficult to cure. Rest is your choice. My suggestion is to consult and take right treatment. Asked for Male, 23 Years 62 Views v. Hi, More then psychological It also seems to be physical. We need to connect once to discuss further on the same.

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Asked for Male, 26 Years 67 Views v. Any thing in moderation is goodexcess may harm. I understood your concern and noted the problem as well. I need to ask few more details to make a diagnosis and start treatment and advice which su Asked for Male, 23 Years 47 Views v. It is harmful if it is affecting your day to day life. In future also some patient complaints of complications in sexual life.

In moderation every thing is good. I understood your concern and noted Asked for Male, 32 Years 27 Views v. How frequently? Masturbation in itself is not a problem, perhaps you What is mastur either stressed, lonely, Asked for Male, 23 Years 43 Views v. Hi, masturbation is not a healthy habit. There are lots of side effects of over masturbation.

For better details you are advises to contact privately. Pls contact for detailed discussion Asked for Male, 21 Years 28 Views v. Just try to divert your mind from sex. You will be able to do the best whenever Asked for Male, 19 Years 27 Views v.

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Don't worry, consult with doctor. Asked for Male, 20 Years 32 Views v. No Call me for more information The question asked on this is a free question. You can ask a free health question by downloading the Practo app. Home Consult with a doctor Side effect of masturbation I want to stop masturbation and i am not able to do it please help Pankaj B Borade Psychiatrist Pune. How often should I masturbating in a week? Is good to masturbating everyday? After masturbating what to do?

Jyoti Arora Monga Ayurveda Delhi. How many time we should masturbate in one month Because I want to masturbate.

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How to stop masturbation? What is the solution to stop masturbation, iam masturbuting from 5years Manikantan Urologist Visakhapatnam. I have masturbation daily how i left it and if i left the masturbtion the masturbation harmful effect will cure if i not masturbate. Imran Khan Unani Gurgaon. Is masturbation good for health??

What is mastur

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What Is Masturbation: Health Benefits Of Masturbation