Weird anime scenes

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Anime has become wildly popular over the years thanks to reputable franchises like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. Curious viewers will tune in to some of the more prominent titles before branching out and exploring other series that pique their interest. One aspect that most people are never prepared for involves the bizarre or awkward moments that can occur when you least expect them. You'll be watching an episode that qualifies as entirely normal, but the second your dad strolls into the room, everything gets wildly inappropriate.

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Let's check out 10 of those hilarious out of context scenes that you definitely wouldn't want your parents to walk in on. We hate to take a stab at your childhood with this one, but the scene depicted above featuring Voltorb and Weepinbell seems rather questionable without any context.

This strange scenario came about during episode 47, titled "A Chansey Operation". It's obviously not intended to exhibit anything vulgar, but have fun explaining that to your mother as she rapidly reaches for the TV remote.

Misty 's face says it all. This bizarre Sabagebu!

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A handful of old people are savagely trying to gun down much younger characters while riding on motorcycles or large trucks. Nonetheless, why oh why did Masa have to shove an abnormal amount of pencils into his mouth and grant us the frame shown above? For the sake of clarification, he's definitely eating the pencils.

The delinquent had ly been shown consuming a singular pencil, but then it escalated to this. If your parents throw out every writing utensil you have at home, it's likely because they caught you laughing at this scene. Black Lagoon 's Leigharch is a compulsive drug user marijuana in the anime, but the manga depicts his cocaine habit who hallucinates Weird anime scenes the absolute worst moments. The majority of his hallucinations involve Western pop culture celebrities and characters, hence the interesting mix of words in the sentences above.

If your parents happened to stumble upon this exact frame, they might do one of two things: Complain that cartoons Weird anime scenes spreading lies about music history or secretly Google if Jimi Hendrix was known for yelling about Klingons. One-Punch Man 's Puri-Puri Prisoner is known for losing all of his clothes whenever he activates his "Angel Style", so perhaps it's best to let mom and dad sit those episodes out. The flamboyant and openly homosexual superhero often makes questionable remarks about other men and perplexes nearly everyone he shares the screen with.

One-Punch Man is a great series that garners many laughs between — and sometimes during — action sequences. Yet, every time Puri-Puri Prisoner opens his mouth, we can't help but worry about the well-being of every male character in the immediate area. Food Wars might as well be called Fan Service and Recipes because that's pretty much what the entire series is. Whenever someone — male or female — consumes any type of meal, they go on a provocative acid trip of emotions that usually involves various states of undress.

In all honesty, you wouldn't want your parents around for any Food Wars episode, but Fumio Daimido's flashback to her younger days is quite the ride. She remembers far too many inappropriate things before subjecting protagonist Soma Yukihira to the uncomfortable scenario seen above. No, this isn't an anime impression of what goes down on the streets of America every day. Mitsuboshi Colors follows three elementary school girls Kotoha, Yui, and Sat-chan who create their own little group called "Colors".

Their objective is to preserve the peace within their town There isn't enough context in the world to justify a policeman aiming a rocket launcher at three young girls.

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If your parents walk in on this one, let them decipher it on their own. This image is so baffling that it's best left unexplained. As a matter of fact, rationalizing any of it would ruin the experience. Why is the girl in the foreground giddily glancing down her school uniform? Why did that guy with the suit face-plant on the floor? Why is that dog so eager to reach the face-planter? Weird anime scenes we'll say is that this scene comes courtesy of the Charlotte anime and that it's still ridiculous even with some context. As a matter of fact, your parents won't even be able to process what's happening.

Maybe it's better that way. The image above could be interpreted in several ways by those that have never seen Yuru Yuribut we guarantee that not a single person would be able to guess the correct reason behind this mess. This isn't a crime scene, no one was massacred, and nobody detonated a can of tomato juice. This awkward moment hails from Chitose Ikeda is the culprit behind the insane nosebleeds and they're sometimes considered near-fatal.

It's worth noting that Chitose also makes out with anyone in sight after eating chocolate, so good luck convincing your parents that any of this makes sense. Hunter x Hunter is an excellent series and Hisoka is one of the most intriguing characters within its universe.

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However, his bloodlust is a little The magician gets so worked up over fighting the strongest opponents in the series that he becomes visibly aroused in an exaggerated manner. He will also sporadically appear naked when you least expect it. On top of that, Hisoka has a disturbing infatuation with protagonist Gon Freecss and oftentimes mentions that he won't kill the young boy because he's not "ripe enough".

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Long story short, nearly every Hisoka appearance is bound to be awkward and you simply wouldn't want your parents anywhere near the screen if the jester is in the episode. Myan is a Puerto Rican music journalist based in New York City who also loves film, anime, and video games. You can find her on Instagram at itsmyan. By Myan Mercado Published Nov 29, Share Share Tweet 0.

Weird anime scenes

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