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What Tattoo Symbolizes Strength? Best Eagle Tattoo Des Ideas. Often people wonder — how do tattoos stay forever on their skin? Most people believe that it is because the ink goes so deep inside and gets stuck there. The reason why tattoo ink stays in the skin permanently has to do with the immune system. When a tattoo needle punctures the skin through the epidermis, the outer layer of skin, the ink flows down the tattooing needle into the dermis, the inner layer of skin.

The continuous penetration of the needle into the skin causes a wound, which alerts the immune system. Our immune system then reacts to what it considers an attack by sending cells to the wound and start healing the skin.

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The white blood cells, known as macrophages, are sent to the area of the wound. The macrophages swallow the ink so as to take the foreign particle away from the wound. Also, this fight never stops! Our body always keeps fighting foreign ink throughout life.

This is why tattoos tend to fade over time. Apart from this, there are other reasons, such as sunlight, that affect our tattoos and make them blur gradually. Source: Trending Tattoo. With the advancement in technology, even tattoos can be etched remotely. The remote tattoo was etched into the skin of actress Stijn Fransen by a robotic arm. The 5G-powered robot was being controlled by tattoo artist Wes Thomas in another location. The entire remote tattooing process was recorded and showcased in an impressive 3-minute documentary-style film. The robot first performed inking on the fake skin and vegetables to ensure the needle was penetrating at just the right depth.

Thomas was closely involved throughout the inking process so that the engineering and tech team could know what was needed to accomplish such a task successfully. A of steps were to be accomplished before inking on the real arm. Actress Stijn Fransen looked happy to receive this one-of-a-kind tattoo. Thirdly, we needed to develop a deep understanding of the fine details of tattooing. Posts Likes Following Submit a post Archive. So, this is the reason why do tattoos stay on the skin forever.

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Happy Tattooing…. Looking for mesmerizing behind-the-ear tattoo des? Here is the list of the 35 best behind-the-ear tattoo des to get inspiration from.

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Enjoy scrolling! Can you ever imagine a remote tattoo? Well, read this post until the end then! Top Photos. Recently Liked.

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