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Twitch is the most popular streaming platform for anyone looking to start a streaming career. Twitch emotes are a cultural part of the twitch community. Understanding what each means can be helpful to understand the lingo. We have compiled the most known and most popular twitch emotes from when the company first started. If you want to learn how to stream on Twitch, you need to understand its culture and it all starts with Twitch Emotes. As you can see from the chart below — Twitch Emotes are a popular way of communications on Twitch. One of the OG twitch emotes, Kappa is used for relaying sarcasm.

TimTheTatMan is a prime example of this. The Kappa emote has grown in popularity and in a sense, has become the face Twitch illuminati chat twitch. The emote is used a million plus times a day. The Golden Kappa emote is an Easter egg on the Twitch platform. It will randomly be given to a user on Twitch for a period Twitch illuminati chat time before it disappears again. Nobody knows how or why it appears. Kappa is often spammed in chat as a way to check for the Golden Kappa. Released in Decemberthis emote is generally used during the holiday season as a substitute for Kappa.

Made after Marriage Equality Act passed, this is one of the most popular pride emotes used on Twitch. Twitch agreed. Tayag ended up releasing the photo with the stipulation that it could only be used for free and no longer allowed to be a subscription perk. The TriHard Twitch emote was when something exciting happens. The emote is used to hype up the chat. You can see it being used when an FPS streamer seems to hit a shot that is insane and deseserves that Tryhard emote. It was created on Twitch in The emote is based on the Twitch streamer, TriHex. TriHex went to Dallas to attend an Anime convention.

During this convention the picture was taken and the emote was inspired. Twitch staff was looking for new emotes to add to the global collection.

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The PogChamp was created in early PogChamp you will see all over Twitch as one of the most popular emotes. This emote is spammed when something exciting happens. Ryan and Mike Ross were having a conversation when the camera-man tipped over his tripod. PogChamp even has an origin of the name behind it.

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Gutierrez and Roff played the Pog Game, where players try to flip over round, thin, discs called pogs with harder disks. Using a MadCatz joystick the winner of the game at the end was called Pog Champion. It is mostly used when the streamer is worried or upset. You will find it used in high level gameplay where a player passes another without them seeing. Chat starts to spam Monkas because what just happened was intense. MonkaS is the Pepe the Frog character seating profusely. The emote was originally used on a 4chan thread in MonkaS is used a lot due to its nature.

People post it when someone is an anxious part of a game or is encountering some stress in real life.

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When streamers face difficult bosses in games or face a difficult opponent, the emote is generally spammed in their chat. VoHiYo is an original emote released around the same time as Kappa in early VoHiYo emote is of a brown-haired girl in a purple shirt with a wrench.

This is based on the Volary, a Twitch Moderator. The 4Head Twitch Emote is used mainly to respond to a streamer when they make a joke or meme. This is a popular emote among Twitch users because many streamers have these momements. It became popular during and has gained traction as the years have gone on. The emote is used when someone does something cheesy or falls to their death in a game. It gained its fame in The emote is popularly used when the streamer does something confusing. The Twitch heart emote is a Purple colored heart. The emote is used to express happiness, unity, and love.

The Twitch Heart Emote is one of the most popular emotes used on Twitch. Showing support for the streamer by spamming this amazing Emote is never uncommon. Mainly used as a of cringe or nervous laughter during a streamers live broadcast. It was released in During a Saturday Night Live episode that aired on October 30, The naming of the emote comes from the sound he makes in the video Twitch illuminati chat laughing. You will see this emote used when someone is excited or happy about an event. It was released during and continues to be popular on the platform.

Its happy and fun nature brings happiness to all. The video was posted to YouTube in and has been a stable of Twitch. To view this emote you must manually select the Twitch illuminati chat to view GIFs. This has made the SourPLS emote gain and lose popularity. You will see it also as a meme for reactions to attraction or suggestive content.

Gachigasm is used mostly to react to men. This emote does require you to have the BTTV extension to see the emote. The image depicts him as he orgamed. The Pepehand Twitch emote is used when a viewer is sad.

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When a streamer seems upset about something, viewers will spam the Pepehands emote. This emote is a BTTV emote so for you to be able to see it. The emote was released sometime during PepeHands is another Pepe The Frog emote. The emote goes beyond Twitch as well with websites like Reddit. The Jebaited Twitch emote is used when viewers are trying to bait the streamer for information. Popular for baiting streamers into something that may not be true.

For example, tricking the streamer that a game will be released earlier than it is. The emote was released in CEO was a fighting game that was hosted in Florida. The emote is Alex Jebailey looking most likely at chat to get this perfect emote. Making it the Twitch illuminati chat Emote for when chat has successfully tricked the streamer. The MingLee is the emote of sassiness.

It is most commonly used for general laughter emote. It is used overtimes a day and has different reasons to be spammed. The most most common is for when a streamer is being funny and the viewer is laughing. This emote was released in The GayPride emote and other Pride emotes were made permanent in Salty means they are upset, frustrated, or bitter about something that happens on stream, chat, or real life.

The emote was first seen on twitch in PjSalt is a popular emote not just on Twitch but outside as well. The term has become so popular that it was added to the Urban Dictornary on Decemember 31, It is known to be used to reference the Twitch Gods, hoping to get the Golden Kappa. It was released in but was removed in early IT was added in March of The NotLikeThis emote is used by viewers when something is going terribly wrong in either the game the streamer is playing or something from real life. The phrase comes from the first Maxrix movie.

The BibleThump twitch emote is used to express disappointment or sadness. You will see this spammed in the streamers chat Twitch illuminati chat they are meming or truly sad. It is used quiet alot as a joke for a streamer who dies in a FPS game and they get mad so the viewers spam BibleThump. The BibleThump emote is popular among Twitch Chat and rightly so.

This is one of the best emotes for actually seeing someone truly cry. The Twitch illuminati chat is based on the popular game The Binding of Issac and depicts the face of the main character Isaac. It really grew to fame in because of the website ICryEveryTime which is just a flash animation of BibleThump emote falling down the screen.

Not to mention, the amazing sad violin music in the background. The SMOrc twitch emote is popular when a streamer or viewer is being mean or obnoxious. It found its popularity in the Heartstone category. The MrDestructoid Twitch emote is popular when viewers suspect the streamer is viewbotting or bring fake followers to the channel. Letting chat understand that even though the viewer count says 2, they may only have 10 real people in the chat.

It is used for when a streamer is botting or breaking Twitchs TOS. Making fun of the streamer saying they can only get views because of viewbotting. The FailFish Twitch emote is mainly used when a streamer or viewer fails at something.

Think of this emote as a facepalm emote. The perfect emote for when someone does something wrong or silly. The HeyGuys Twith Emote is used when a viewer comes into a channel for the first time, or the first time for the day.

Twitch illuminati chat

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