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Credit: Tramps Against Trump. Personally speaking, I'm not a massive fan of Donald Trump.

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Shock horror. Fuck off! Perhaps more surprisingly, I wouldn't class myself as a vegan feminist either, which seems to be the profile some people put on those that think open racism and sexism is a little bit too much. I'm sorry to disappoint on that one. Such is their passion for all things anti-Trump that they will send you nudes if you prove you did not vote for the flappy-haired businessman. The creator, who goes under the name Jessica Rabbit, told Dazed the reason for starting the movement. She explained that the campaign is actually a kind of antithetical movement to stop misogynists getting into or keeping positions of power, particularly him: "The sex positive activist community is uniting across borders to keep misogynistic men out of the government.

As she explains, she doesn't care, and neither does anyone in the group, who you vote for, as long as it's not Trump, and that the political system in general has turned into a 'shitshow':. We want people to show up and vote! That's the biggest priority. We also want to critique everyone. We aren't blinded by political parties. This whole election is a shit show, it's like the season finale of America and they Tramps against trump nudes pulling out every last stop.

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The inspiration for the came from the Sluts Against Harper movement. For a pic from Tramps Against Trump, all you need to do is send photographic proof that you voted against the Republican runner and you'll get a picture back in return. For a history of Donald Trump's sexist comments, this timeline from The Telegraph is worth a read. Topics: Trumpnude. Chosen for You Chosen for You. Most Read Stories Most Read. Advert Sorry, this content isn't available right now.

Tramps against trump nudes

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'Tramps Against Trump' Will Send You Nudes If You Vote For Anyone But Him