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My short bio: I have been in the porn business for the last 10 years. There isn't much I haven't done or won't do. I have seen pretty much everything in the business. Thanks for all the questions! This was my first day on reddit. I'll be back again. Follow me on twitter.

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I was in the kitchen getting my makeup done and Cytheria was doing an anal scene in the other room. She ended up shitting all over the guy. The house stunk up so bad that they had to cancel the rest of the day and re-shoot the next day. The location house owners were super fucking pissed. Why did you become a pornstar? Is it just for the easy money or do you feel you're providing a service for mankind?

Plus I bought a lot of stock in Kleenex when I was younger. I am filthy rich. Hi Tory! Have you ever done any sex for money outside of films either as an escort or as a legal prostitute? Please be honest. I'd be lying if I said no. It's like shooting scene but with less lights and random people standing around. Thoughts on porn getting more Tory lane escort with technology?

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I Skype shows. Have you ever done one? I do them all the time. Technology is killing mainstream porn but empowering the talent.

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It cuts out the middle man and let's almost anyone work from home. Where is your favorite place to vacation that no one would expect? Thanks from CT! Do you have any interesting stories from being recognized off set? Found the internet! Posted by 8 years ago. Sort by: best. Any horror stories from on set you'd be willing to share?

Continue this thread. Seriously do any of you actually like anal? I love it. I was doing it long before I got in the business.

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If so, what was the experience like? Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? Australia baby! Noosa QLD. CT Rep yo. A fellow Nutmegerr! More posts from the IAmA community. I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal.

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Tory lane escort

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