Tomoyo after h scene

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I'm thinking of playing it once I'm done playing Clannad which won't be for a while, I've only finished Ryou's and Kyou's routesbut I've heard it has sex scenes, and the only place in my house I can play VNs is a room where people frequently come in. I don't want to give up on playing it or skip the sex scenes, though.

There are about 3 scenes that happen early on almost directly back to back, each escalating in titillation.

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Depending on how fast you read, you'll get through them in about half an hour to an hour. Then it stops completely. It will show up again in two different scenarios, both late in the game. One in a certain route you take to an ending where you let Tomoyo take advantage of you and makes you get sidetracked from a certain plot point you are trying to reach, and the other is during the true ending.

I feel kinda weird remembering all of this so well. But as I said, I could be wrong. I've only played through the first hour or so and there were already two that I remember - maybe three.

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Frequent at first but pretty much non-existent after the beginning. There are in the beginning, and i think there are more after that depending on your choices.

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How frequent are the sex scenes in Tomoyo After? Posted by. Sort by: best. I think there's a non-eroge version of it somewhere.

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They pretty much stop after the beginning. More posts from the Clannad community.

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Tomoyo after h scene

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How frequent are the sex scenes in Tomoyo After?