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The Cathouse Tale was an erotic 3D furry project started in that gradually expanded in scope, brought on new staff, and fell into a lot of hard times. Thank you for your interest, and I hope you can find answers to your questions here.

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I think it might help if I take a minute to try and explain how it looked and developed from the inside. Together, we can model characters, animate them, program the game, model an environment, de the game and write the story. Yes, there were problems, and yes, looking back, we could have put in more time and effort to become friends more than just coworkers, but each of us put in a lot in terms of cooperating, contributing to the team, and trusting each other. The problems we had were… subtler.

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Mostly, they had to do with overconfidence and an excess of ambition. We had all these skills, The cathouse tail we were excited. We were in love with the idea of a huge game. We had already set our goals really high, then the first or the second step proved harder than we expected. But we were determined, maybe stubborn, and we kept pushing on.

We overcame the problems and found more problems with the next step. Eventually, the work we already had done started looking messy and needing to be revised or replaced as new problems came to light. The mountain was growing taller, the further we climbed. Experienced teams know a lot about how this can happen, and how to for it ahead of time. The truth is, we all had relatively little experience actually making a game.

If anything, that made it harder. We could not fail at this. We had to get this done faster and better.

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But the more we pushed ourselves, the more tense we got, the more sleep we lost, and the worse things got. This all happened gradually. Enthusiasm turned to determination, then to stubbornness. Then to anger. We had the skills, but everything kept getting more complicated and difficult and it took forever to get anywhere.

We started to hate ourselves, and we grew to fear what our supporters would say. We could get it done, we just needed… more time. Each of us handled the pressure different ways. Some would take all the blame on their shoulders as if it could help to feel even worse.

Black depression became a constant companion. People would go silent for a while. The project had been poisoned with some kind of creeping despair by now, and actual progress seemed a rare breath of fresh air.

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It all came on us so slowly, growing heavy at times then easing off, but we were never able to fight it off fully. If you want to know the true cause, it was this: we aimed far too high for the experience we had. Yes, we had the technical skills, but we were inexperienced in this field.

We should have started with a small project, something we could complete from start to finish in less than a year, just to understand how a game unfolds in development and what it asks of each of us, beyond how good we are at programming or sculpting or what have you.

It takes strong planning and direction, a full understanding of how the plan will break down in The cathouse tail, and basically, it takes experience in the field. Hell, lots of people working for the big companies have these issues too. Yes, some people have proven they can be dependably productive, and many of those are the ones you hear about, the big smash hit indie teams on Patreon that just keep churning out quality content. Our team came close to working. I felt awful about it, but I knew it was the right thing to do.

Believe me, if they could have gotten the work done, they would have. Money has already been pretty tight for many members of the team for some time now. Make a small, simple project and complete it from start to finish. Scale up slowly, because every size of project can have its own challenges.

Try not to let the excitement of a big idea lure you into over-committing. And the best advice I can give to all of you as supporters is to encourage the people you might support to do this.

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If someone makes big promises, ask about their experience working on projects of that kind. We probably got more funding for those big ideas than we would have for something small and reasonable, so the system encouraged us in this. To make better plans, and support those that are better at planning for the resources they have.

Wolvalix was the oldest remaining member of the team, and one of the original founders. He had a lot of talent, not just for character modeling, but for 2D art as well, and a distinct style. The cathouse tail was also very skilled with rigging and animating, which made him an incredibly versatile and important member of the team.

You can check out his FurAffinity over here. He had a Tumblr as well, back before the big ban on adult content. Invertex was our immensely talented programmer. He agreed to come in and pick up the pieces after our original programmer went AWOL, but while we were looking for a stopgap, he did a lot to improve the project and open up new options for us.

He was always very helpful with deing new tools to make our jobs easier and trying to make our more ambitious ideas possible. He maintained an excellent standard of quality making the environment of The Cathouse, and I wish we could have done more with his work. Where the rest of us were falling apart, he kept chugging along no matter what, and I definitely admire his resolve.

I wrote for the project, I helped with de and coordination, and I acted as a bridge between you guys and the team, but I feel like in the end, I hardly got a chance to really contribute. I was actually recruited by Wolvalix because he liked my work on my own adult game, My Very Own Lith. In short, MVOL is a text-based simulator of a cute little catboy or girl that you can befriend, seduce, dominate, or get dominated by. And then things get weird, and then feelings happen. And also they probably like all the sex, but are embarrassed to talk as much about that.

I actually just finished adding some Final Endings, also! So you can play it from start to finish at long, long last. They might contain mild spoilers for MVOL, though. Sorry to turn this into The cathouse tail bit of a promo. From me, and The Cathouse Tale Team, and from all the characters in the mansion that wanted to do so much more to entice you, excite you, and get to know you… Goodbye, and live well. To play The Cathouse Tale and try the various demos we released. The Problems The problems we had were… subtler.

The Pressure If anything, that made it harder. Why It Happened If you want to know the true cause, it was this: we aimed far too high for the experience we had.

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Thank you all.

The cathouse tail

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