Supervisor white fallout 4

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. For some reason, Supervisor White in Graygarden is totally invisible, though I can still talk to her and bump into her. Using VATS on her causes the screen to zoom in on the ground and I can't attack herand sometimes it jumps to random areas as if she's teleporting. The workbench still does its animations with the welding arms, but White isn't there and there's no menu for selecting what parts to add, nor can I exit it without reloading my save. Here's my load order. A couple of them are my own personal mods, but they aren't effecting it at all.

Handy Make-A-Bot Reinvented. New Update: I tried a couple more things: started a new profile, disabled all my plugins, and waiting 24 hours afterwards.

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Still got an invisible Supervisor White. He's totally invisible, though my character still collides with him, I'm able to talk to him, and I can hear the sounds of his hover-jets if I stand near him.

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It's baffling. If none of my mods are affecting this, what else could it be? I know someone having this problem and they have thoroughly researched and apparently it's a rare thing to happen as there are, so far, only a few cases that he's been able to find. Also, so far, there is no fix. Community Forum Software by IP. Board d to: Nexus Mods.

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In Create. Supervisor White is Invisible?

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Started by OmnyMay 25 AM. Please log in to reply. Posted 25 May - AM. Omny Old hand Supporter posts. What I've tried so far: Console commands.

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FO4edit hasn't found any errors involved in Supervisor White's files, as far as I can tell nothing's red, at least. Noclipping through the floor to see if she's simply stuck underground; she wasn't.

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Supervisor white fallout 4

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Supervisor White is supposed to be modeled after who?