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I've been to Steve's probably 30 times now. Every time has been completely different from the past. Im mid 40s and in shape. The average person is either 20 years both directions. Im personally not into younger guys. So the older guys are welcomed by me. Ive had absolutely nothing happen to being the center of attention for the whole place on separate occasions. Most people are respectful and kind. Always the creepy guy lurking that won't take a hint though.

The staff is always very welcoming and one that is very friendly and very giving to me when time is available. Give it a shot and have fun. I will again for sure. So I went on a Thursday, wasn't all that busy, from what I have heard, Wednesdays and Sundays are the days to go, Wednesday is half priced and Sunday is Steves bath house day, so if you are Bi there is a chance to find some fun with a female or a couple, or a mixed group. Still was able to get a GH BJ.

So they use the term bathhouse pretty loosely here, there is no hot tub. Basically, two levels, Private rooms, which are basically closets with a bed inside them, and Glory Holes are on the 2nd Floor, as are the lockers. The bottom floor has a tv lounge area, showers, bathrooms, and a couple of vending machines, this is also where the steam room, sauna, and porn viewing area is, as well as an enclosed patio where you can be naked in the open air without getting a public indecency citation.

The place was clean though it is showing its age, It could stand with a little reno up stairs but still it feels clean, though I reccomend you bring to flip flops. As far as the crowd goes It was pretty mixed when I was there, granted there weren't a ton of people, but I saw older guys, middle aged guys, and even a few younger guys, and a mix of body types. I have seen reviews that this place tends to get mostly older and bigger guys, not what I saw when I was there, but then again I went on a quiet night.

COVID Notes - They do take your temp at the door, also they get your information, I assume for contact tracing, additionally right now the sauna and steam room are closed. Would I go Again? I think given that I went on a slow night It deserves a another chance, as a bi dude I would also be curious to see if the Co-Ed night actually attracts some women. Half price from what I have heard gets the place Steves bath house busy, would be curious to see how that is.

The place is definately Steves bath house checking out if you are horny and want to make somthing happen, though there is no gaurentee you will hook up, but hey if you have paid money for grindr then you may as well give this a shot, and this place has free condoms. If you like it you can buy a year long membership for 30 bucks, which is worth it as it saves you membership fees when you go, but you will still need to pay locker rental each time. Being bi, I love it there. Being in my fifties, I do not mind the older men, and women who come to enjoy being with like minded and shaped people.

The free condoms, and space, with varied locations make it easy to enjoy. I have never felt pressured or intimidated, and neither did my cousin when I brought her there with me.

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She loved the attention and she said everyone was so polite. Very small outdoor area. Rooms are very tiny and cost is quite steep. Not great, but what there is in Reno Here's the deal about Steves bath house in Reno. It's great if you're an out of shape, senior citizen, seeking other out of shape senior citizens.

Other than that, it's just a place to go because it's the only place like it in Reno. Steve's doesn't advertise locally, apparently because it doesn't want to offend the homophobic powers that be in Reno. The amenities are as follows: a small steam room, that is usually too hot and runs you out of there; a porn video room that for some reason Steves bath house fences set up so that you can't see anyone across the room; a dry sauna, that was opened about a year ago and already has a dark discoloring mold?

There are also some glory holes on the second level. You have to pay to rent the room with the sling, where almost every other bath house in the world has a common area to let guys play with the sling. You also opt for a locker or a tiny private room. Most rooms have a power outlet so you can distract yourself when you're there with a laptop, DVD player or something. Wednesday is discount day, but it's also the day that seems to attract all the paunchy out of shape seniors in Reno.

And it's always the same ones, some of whom are kind of obnoxious. Examples: the senile old man who's always commenting about they're fucking in San Francisco when he watches porn videos in video room; the Charles Bronson look alike who looks like Bronson when he was 85 and suffereing from Alzheimer's diseases.

Also some of the young ones are obnoxious, too, like the late 20's something boy, who weighs about lbs and is always eating fatty fastf ood in the non porn TV room, and bitching about how he'd be a lot more desirable to men if he was in San Francisco. Yeah, dream on fat boy!. Bright spots about Steves? It's reasonably clean, it's safe, and they provide condoms. It's better than taking your chances in the park for hook ups. No one will hassle you,but on the flipside, if you have expectations of hooking up with Steves bath house better than fat boys and out of shape seniors, you probably will be disappointed.

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Part of the problem is a lack of promotion. Steve there actually is a guy named Steve who owns the place doesn't want to promote the place, probably in fear of being picketed or shut down. He did a rare interview for Reno's pathetic weekly alternative paper, and talked about how the place was picketed by homophobes in the past.

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It is my understanding that Steve is aware of the amenities that other bath houses offer. Steves in Reno doesn't compare in the same league as any of those places. Where those places have a varied clientele, Steve's doesn't. On a given night, you will see maybe 10 guys circulating around, up and down stairs, like it was a shark tank. But really not all that much going on. Blaring, dull, gay disco music plays incessantly, and dull men, who sometimes get lucky with each other, is about it.

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Could it be better? Hard to say. Reno is not exactly a gay friendly town. Maybe Steve's is as good as it can be. If Steve started to offer discounts to guys under 25, like a lot of clubs do, then at least there might be more eye candy.

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Or if he offered different event nights to cater to fetishes or interests. But until that happens, or until Steve starts to actually advertise locally, the best can be said about Steves bath house is that it's a safe place to go have man to man sex in Reno. If you can find it there. Great place I've been to Steve's times and have always been pleased.

I've only enjoyed oral in the glory hole rooms, but hope to find an anal buddy next time. Great place!!

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Steves bath house

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