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I'm holding out a little longer for permissions. If I don't hear back in the next few days, however, I'll do some final testing and release the first version without my argonian texture. Groovatama's skeleton works fine for custom weapon placement, you just have to specify the placement with Racemenu in the weapons section. Thank you for the clarification. I still won't recommend it, however. I don't use Racemenu, and setting weapon placements every new game sounds annoying.

I don't know if you've noticed, but expired has added stuff to RaceMenu that allows morphs on bodies it's called So basically that would allow you to make your muscle slider and have it available in showracemenu. You could even make NPCs use it randomized or with a fixed value with an additional mod this might be more annoying to do though, I don't know.

Thank you for the suggestion and for bringing this to my attention. I almost posted a response a few minutes ago, but decided I should try this out first. I'm glad I did, because this works better than I expected. I can increase bicep size on my character, Skyrim unp muscle best of all her armor sizes with her. That's pretty great.

A well implemented solution using this would provide complete compatibility with armor and clothing so long as it is intended for the vanilla body. I could fix up my sliders to be essentially the default vanilla body without breast scaling and I would accomplish with a RaceMenu-based solution what I set out to do without needing to adjust any clothing or armor meshes. I couldn't get it to work on any other NPCsbut I'm sure there's a solution to that.

Sufficiently large values also created bad scaling issues. It didn't adjust the lower arm in proportion to the upper arm, detaching her biceps from her arm. Keeping things to low slider values would sidestep this issue. I have an idea to get around all of this in a relatively lightweight fashion, but I don't know how to code it.

It would theoretically be possible to make use of the breast size slider to automatically reduce or increase breast size of both the player and all NPCs proportional to their weight. This could be done when loading a new cell. Increasing the bicep sliders proportionally at the upper end of the weight slider would improve things further. I could include custom meshes for the prisoner clothes in order to keep things consistent when adjusting the weight slider in a new game.

I was Skyrim unp muscle to include RaceMenu as a requirement and initially skeptical of this solution, but my initial impressions are pretty good at the moment. Solid recommendation.

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I think that this functionality could be tied to NetImmersive Override, for people like myself that don't use RaceMenu. Still, I'd happily add Racemenu to my load order if it was necessary to get this working. Does it also make over Vampires in DG? I believe it does include vampire textures, but I'm not sure without checking the mod again. I'll be recommending some beast textures to complement Mature Skin Textures, as that mod doesn't cover beast races or men, for that matter. For now, I'm still working on things and waiting on feedback.

I have two exams next week, as well. If you want to use the literal vanilla body mesh, then my pack isn't for you. STEP is making a female body pack that will better suit you. When I release V1 of this pack it will include some armor mods, however, that you may want to try out. My pack will use CBBE with a body that closely matches the vanilla female body. If you're downloading armor for a different body, Skyrim unp muscle would prefer to use CBBE in that case although the body underneath won't be shaped the same as they are naked. You can verify this for yourself by reading the relevant thread.

I hope that clears up your questions! I have several reasons for delaying things: I'm still cleaning up textures, I'm wavering on what Argonian textures to recommend, and I'm hoping for some feedback on my earlier posts. Nevertheless, I expect to have everything cleaned up and ed in the next while.

The next step from there will largely depend on the perceived work required to accomplish the original goal of this project a different weight sliderwhether this is even possible to implement in a compatible way, and whether there's sufficient interest, or whether I should keep things simple and stick to "vanilla shaped" bodies. Would you consider True eyes or Eyes of beauty instead? Also, my assumption is if I don't use a body mesh, will I save a lot of resources. I am about to get a high end rig GTX etc. This guide will be intended for people who want nudity in their game: STEP is already working on a solution to vanilla female body meshes.

If STEP decides to include options for nudity then this pack would cease to exist unless I sort out the muscle slider problem. I posted some advice on remedying the oversaturation in the comments section. Updated with the stable release of this pack. It is maximally compatible with most things. Not installing the armor portion makes it completely compatible with everything.

Minor texture seams can result from the use Skyrim unp muscle CBBE bodies with vanilla outfits: these are only noticeable with skimpy armor and clothing. Fixed forsworn meshes are included. I suspect most people using this pack won't be using skimpy armor and clothing anyways.

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I will consider reviving my goal of a minimalist character overhaul if there is any interest. It was removed out of concerns over compatibility. It would definitely conflict with Requiem, for a start. I just found this pack now, while I probably wont use the armor part, I will take a look at the body preset as I was trying to achieve the same at the present time. I also have a contribution to make: Skyrim unp muscle you to some presets of vanilla clothes to fill the gap, particularly mage equipment:.

I just remembered that there was a mod that implemented a sort of "muscle slider" by appling different body textures and normal maps to the character using the weight slider: basically if you select weight 10, your character body had a certain texture and normal map with no muscle or even fat, i do not remember at 50 weight had slightly muscle and at even more muscle. Search In. Prev 1 2 3 Next 3 of 3.

Recommended Posts. Harpalus Posted April 1, edited. Share this post Link to post. Posted April 1, Posted April 2, edited. Posted April 8, If you use TDOS, do you need any other mods to go with it apart from no more ugly bronze shine? Posted April 8, edited.

Posted April 9, Thanks very much Harpalus, that has helped immensely. Good luck in exams by the way, cram, cram, cram Posted April 9, edited. Posted April 15, edited. Edited April 15, by ssconvert. Posted April 17, edited. If there are any issues, please let me know and I'll fix them.

Edited April 17, by Harpalus. Agnusthemagi 0. Posted July 22, edited. Lonewolf 9. Posted August 14, Go To Topic Listing. Similar Content. More detailed. It uses x textures. I will keep this post brief. Make use of the Help buttons and hover over settings. Do not hesitate to ask questions and provide feedback.

Certain things may be incomplete, not work as expected Skyrim unp muscle change considerably between versions. Read the documentation included in the Standalone archive.

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In case of error messages, click "Help for this message" if available. Ask questions also about 3rd party mods or report any problems or issue in this thread only since any question or problem can only be properly answered or addressed by the developers. Consider search for the text of the error message to find similar questions and answers. See next post for details. Installation Install the requirements as usual. Install other options as desired. If the tools are started without setting a Game Mode with a command line argument -tes5 Skyrim unp muscle Skyrim, -sse for Skyrim Special Edition etc.

Since TexGen now generates billboards do not install any 3rd party billboards. No need to install any billboards. Optional ultra tree LOD is now a checkbox - remember to update the tree mesh rule as desired. Generate some pre-rendered object LOD textures, including all cities. Optional generate an underside terrain mesh to block sun rays. Automatic texture replacements for stitched object LOD textures. Optional Grass LOD generation is now a checkbox Optional occlusion generation is now a checkbox and can generate Occlusion. Markarth TexGen. This patcher made in CodeFusion offset patches one single byte at 0x from 01 AnyCPU mode to 03 bit only mode.

Run Papyrus Compiler Patch for x64 Systems. Click Patch. Read log to verify file was successfully patched. A backup shall be created with a. BAK file extension. If you run into a permissions issue possible even if run as admintry copying both the patch and PapyrusCompiler. Uninstallation Delete PapyrusCompiler. Rename PapyrusCompiler. BAK to PapyrusCompiler. No registered users viewing this. In Up. I accept.

Skyrim unp muscle

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