Skinny guy knocks out big guy

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Newbury Park,,at Woodward Park. Was this the worst Boston Marathon expo ever? To actually become competitive with eastern Africans, we need to change.

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Even Rhonda Rousey could take most untrained guys in her weight class. I'd say the only exception to the smaller pro winning the fight would be if the pro was a woman. She'll have ificantly less dense bones and probably not as much aggression. I don't think a pound pro female fighter would be able to waist the 6 foot tall guy but it will probably be a good fight and if she gets one solid pro power hit to his balls, which she'll likely do, then it's over.

He'll be too incapacitated to withstand the flurry of professional kicks and punches she's throwing. Bad example. Couture weighs In fact most of the examples people are bringing up are of guys that are or more.

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Getting punched by a guy with gloves on would be like getting bitten by a bunch of mosquitos. Annoying, but not threatening to knock a dude out by any means. The big guy lands one decent punch and the little guy gets carried off on a stretcher. There is a reason there are weight classes in boxing it's so the little guys don't end up dead. Another example of fighting being as much mental as it is physical. These two didn't come to full blows but the other kid who had the pound weight advantage was taken aback by the aggression displayed by the smaller younger looking kid Sometimes that's all it takes especially if the bigger person hasn't been in a lot of fights.

Their natural instincts for self preservation will dominate the first few fights. Big difference between a fat bully and a trained athlete. I'll put it differently. Who would win a fight, Abner Mares 5'4. I would take the free safety any day of the week, and it wouldn't be close. If you watch the video of McGregor vs. It would not be close. Ah, yes. That age old question: Who would win in a fight, a professional fighter or some other guy? Fighting is a skill. Any decently trained amateur boxer would destroy any regular athletic guy unless they got incredibly unlucky.

The mental strength of the professional will make a huge difference. He knows what the flood of adrenaline feels like and he knows how to take a punch. For the parents out there, remember the first time your baby accidentally head butted you on the chin or bridge of the nose?

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And that was a baby. A pro has been hit countless times and he knows how to react and keep focused. Most people begin to shutdown when they cop a hit to the head. And a body shot is no fun either. A pro regardless of sizecould stop a big guy without even resorting to a head shot. I was a reasonable kick boxer when I was younger and I still remember the sting of shame the first time I was hit hard. I literally wanted to cry for my mother.

Most untrained dudes would do just that. I was a trained boxer, martial arts guy in the 80's. I was about lbs. A guy about lbs started stuff with me, and when we fought, no matter what I did, he was just too solid, and too heavy. So, in the end, I got some great shots in, but he just was not effected enough to keep him at bay and when he got his hands on me it was over.

I get it that you guys think these little guys would have a chance. Not enough power to do much damage. In a boxing match, the boxer would probably outpoint the In a streetlight, the smaller guy has no chance. Just watching the video of the little wrestler and the big guy above tells you everything you need to know. That wrestler pounded the big guy in the face a dozen times and the dude just stood up. Sure maybe he's beat up some LBS fatty from your office, but not an athlete.

A Skinny guy knocks out big guy football player would toss them around like a rag doll. You think a free safety is going to be going to be intimated by some tiny boxer like the fat guy in the classroom? For what it's worth my son wrestled and played football.

One of his buddies was a tiny guy, he weighed pounds. Great wrestler he went on to wrestle in college. This kid would regularly wrestle the plus pound football players, kind of a sparring way but it would get serious because that is how teenagers are. Anyway, this pound kid was impossible for the other kids to beat. These kids were twice his size like football players. The little guy had speed and moves and the big guys would end up exhausted or in some kind of hold that would force them to tap out. I saw it with my own eyes. Also, Bruce Lee weighed pounds. For those who dont know who he is google him.

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I think you guys forget how small 5'4" lbs is. That's a tiny person. You forget how fast a professional boxer can move and hit. And regarding weight classes We're talking about untrained guy with little to no fight experience versus someone who has made a living off of fighting This is just a high school wrestler effin up a 34 yr old guy who probably outweighs him by pounds Experience and speed matter a lot. At some point the free safety is going to get gassed out which will make him an an even easier victim for the professional boxer.

They have the condition and the experience to make a fight go on for a very long time. If the free safety goes in for a grab which he most likely would, the experienced boxer would quickly step out of his way before he cna complete the movement and take pop shots and repeat this until he wears the bigger guy down enough to go full explosive on him. Bad Wigins. Sailor Mike wrote: Bad Wigins wrote: markschultz40 wrote: truthseakr wrote: The bigger guy can simply tackle the boxer and choke him out Doesn't take any training.

You clearly don't know how fighting works.

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You clearly never played football. All the fighting "disciplines" are specialized, limited mobility scenarios and translate poorly to the real world. But football translates perfectly.

Skinny guy knocks out big guy

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