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It turns out that Mr. Muntz had really gone to the Kwik-E-Mart, where he had gotten a severe allergic reaction from eating Simpsons weight gain peanut bar. When Lisa and Nelson return home, they find Nelson's father, who Bart found working at a freak show in a circus. Homer has always been on the pudgy side, but this episode sees the head of the Simpson household gain a huge amount of weight in order for him to claim a disability and work from home — which le to huge consequences for his job, his marriage, and his outfit choices.

The camera pans to Brandine who is pregnant again and she also tosses a moonshine bottle away. Despite Homer discovering that the watermark of Bart's test is real and that all the answers are correct, he and Marge speak to Bart's teacher. In the episode, Marge finds Nelson and acts as a mother figure towards him due to her children's loss of interest in her.

In just three weeks, Bart had gained fifteen to twenty pounds the effects of which are shown in a parody of the Opening Sequenceand as a result he due to his weight gain cracks the pavement when he leaves the school, bends the lamppost, runs Simpsons weight gain pedestrians, hits Marge's car and sends it spinning off screen, and crushes the roof of Homer's car. She becomes self-conscious about her weight. They bond as Nelson tells Marge about his poor life involving his father abandoning him and never coming back.

The clerk at the shop remarked that Homer was lucky the powder doesn't actually work. In its original broadcast, "King-Size Homer" finished 45th tied with Grace Under Fire in the ratings for the week of October 30 to November 3,with a Nielsen rating of This was last edited on 10 Januaryat Grampa Abe is the star of this episode. We may earn commission from some of the links in this article, but we never allow this to influence our content.

In the season seven episode "King-Size Homer," Homer tries to gain enough weight to tip scales at more than pounds, which will get his big posterior on work disability. Summary: Bart gets jealous and decides to do something about it, when he discovers that Milhouse has a girlfriend and suddenly doesn't have as much time for him any more.

Part The Simpsons episode, part Pulp Fiction parody, this episode looks at a series of interconnected stories amongst a of Springfield residents. However, the stress of being a crime lord causes Fit Tony to gain weight and he now shares the original moniker of his cousin.

Top 10 Weight Gain episodes from Tv. Universally agreed to be one of the best episodes of the series, this Freemasons parody sees Homer desperately trying to the secretive society The Stonecutters.

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While the Simpsons is famous for predicting the future, this episode is a rather too hopeful vision of what actually came to look like. Watch this space. In the episode, Comic Book Guy creates a new superhero called Everyman who takes powers from other superheroes. All discussion about the Simpsons Weight-Gain Story at writing. Massive Weight Gain Powder is a product intended to help people bulk up. Another Top 10 Simpsons Episodes. Coincidentally, the circus had made a stop in the Kwik-E-Mart parking lot, and the unscrupulous ringmaster noted the allergy and kept him as a forced freak for his traveling show.

Emboldened, she decides to seek out the creator of the doll, Stacy Simpsons weight gain, to create a more feminist alternative — Lisa Lionheart. Dustin flies up in the air and partially accelerates himself into the yellow world of the Simpson. After being appointed caretakers of Mr. All Episodes Next.

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Both twins are scared and flee. Homer tries to get Lisa to talk about it positively, but Lisa says that it is a "very open-ended problem" and like other women and girls, she may never entirely be content with her body image. The next day, Nelson unleashes a skunk, which sprays both of them, while Lisa and her friends point and sing a parody of Jingle Bells. This romantic episode from sees Marge and Homer wanting to spice up their sex lives- but after a of false starts, Grampa Abe gives Homer his revitalising tonic — which works a treat.

They get hungry and stop at a restaurant, where they gorge themselves enough to appear ificantly rounder. Bart starts living on food from the new candy machine in school only, but he becomes so overweight that he has to go to a fat camp.

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Stanky: Samantha, you're my little girl, and sometimes my imagination runs away with me. This classic episode from see Bart sell his soul to best friend Milhouse in exchange for ALF pogs. However, things quickly head south for the family when the robots in the park, which are only meant to attack one another, start attacking humans.

Krabappel confesses that she did not bother to fold up the map during the test, so Bart and everyone else received The Simpsons run in and find that the couch is missing. Nelson's mother finds this out and does not want Marge giving them any charity.

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While Bart initially considers this sale a bargain, he is left unsettled after a series of strange events leaves him questioning whether he really had sold his soul. Just, just tell me what happened. Homer tries to goad Lisa into changing her mind, but she refuses to do so. This includes stuff like new chapters, chapter-discussion and chapter ideas. The Do It For Her Homer keeps at the Springfield Nuclear Powerplant is one of the most instantly recognisable and memeable moments from the series.

Bart hates the party and to make matters worse, Lisa runs up to her room crying when Marge offers her one slice of cake. Simpsons Weight-Gain. Meanwhile, Lisa gets teased about her big butt, and becomes obsessed with her weight. Funny, awkward and a little heart-warming, this will be an episode we forever choo-choo-choose. Marge brings him home so he can do some chores. Top 10 Darkest Disney Channel Episodes.

As Bart walks away, Nelson also sees her doing this and after talking Simpsons weight gain the situation, he offers to help Lisa get back at Sherri and Terri for teasing her. Marge thinks her children no longer appreciate her, so when she finds Nelson catching tadpoles from a water fountain at the zoo, she decides Simpsons weight gain become a mother figure by spending quality time with him. Who can forget when the Simpsons finally came to London in ? The episode was the third highest rated show on the Fox network that week. Lisa gets teased by Sherri and Terri about her big butt, so this embarrasses her.

He lands right in from of the Simpsons home. Meanwhile Lisa worries about Homer's weight and convinces Marge to order some subliminal weight loss tapes, instead Homer's vocabulary improves dramatically when subliminal Bart gets jealous and decides to do … Meanwhile, Lisa gets teased about her big butt, and becomes obsessed with her weight. Late one night, Bart sees Nelson sing about his missing father, and sees Lisa eat an entire Labor Day cake as she was unable to take any more starvation. Cue Grampa Abe rushing to crash their wedding. But, I need some where to start Start small.

A few seconds later, the couch falls from the sky and crushes everyone. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 21, Although we all know the answer, there are several conspiracy theorists doubting whether this was the real perpetrator…. However, their romance hits a bump in the road when Jacqueline is wooed by Mr. Parodying Disneyland, Bart and Lisa convince Homer and Marge to cancel their vacation to the bird sanctuary to go to the theme park based on their favourite violent cartoon.

The Simpsons has never been afraid to tackle religion, no matter how irreverent or silly the angle may be.

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Fan-favourite Ralph Wiggum is at the centre of this classic episode. Homer is cast as the lead in the film adaptation. One of the most tear-jerking episodes of the show tells the story about how the dummy-sucking baby of the family came to be.

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It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on September 27, He would not have to eat the doughnut to achieve the result. Before returning to his family, Nelson thanks Marge for making him feel good about himself and appreciates what Bart did but says that this is not enough to stop him from bullying Bart. Bart brings home a geography test with a grade ofeagerly expecting a party that Simpsons weight gain promised to him if he had got a We apologise for any inconvenience caused but are excited to bring you a host of new commenting features very soon.

Later, the former drinking buddies find themselves caught in a circus when the season. A little crazy found bleeding, the whole town is in the road when Jacqueline wooed! For his attempted murder — with Homer the most tear-jerking episodes of the most tear-jerking episodes of the has! Sleeping with the Enemy '' was viewed by 9.

Simpsons weight gain

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