Sharla and mira

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Start date Jun 24, New to Tattle Life? Order Thread by Most Liked Posts. Fenella Well-known member.

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I guess Abroad in Japan is who I watch the most and then the people who he collaborates with. Fenella said:. Sharla use to be so great, I think up until the whole Kanadajin puppet s and all that stuff came out she's a bit more boring and reserved, understandably so. Binx Active member. I would make a new thread but I don't have enough posts yet lol. Last edited: Jul 7, LongishCat Chatty Member.

Agree about Sharla, her content is pretty bland now. Tokyo Lens has nice documentaries, he films for Chris Abroad in Japan sometimes.

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I really like Chris though, was quite shocked the first Journey Across Japan was already a couple of years ago Emma Tokidoki traveller is also quite fun to watch at times. And I watch some Tokyo Creatives video's as well, not all of them are great though.

And yes, I really love Japan. Binx said:. I tried to find the original video from Rachel and Jun but basically Kanadin or Mira was one of Sharla's original friends in Japan and it turned out that Mira had all these puppet s that she would use to completely bash and tear down both Sharla and Rachel, it was crazy.

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This happened in which is why Sharla and Mira arent seen together in videos anymore. Mira is kinda crazy. Sharla and Chris, totally dating right? I like Norm's content but, by all s, he's far from a good person. I still enjoy Sharla's content.

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LongishCat said:. Ooh, you have some tea on Norm? He always seems over the top nice. There was a fair bit of discussion about him on the old Pretty Ugly Little Liar boards. One main thing is that he has a wife and. Of course he should maintain their privacy and he's under no obligation to include Sharla and mira in his content but he seems to go out of his way to hide their existence.

There was some talk of how he was a bully when he worked at Gaba. I wish I could remember the specifics. You must log in or register to reply here. We and our partners set cookies and collect data from your browser in order to improve the user experience, keep you logged in if you register, personalize content, analyze data traffic and customize advertisements.

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Sharla and mira

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Japan and Korean based Youtubers