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in. The sexiest and the hottest comic book characters may be rank depending on the category that you want to rank it. The sorting can either be based on the sexy suits, the mighty superpowers, or the destroyer one-liners of sexiest superheroes or the equally sexy supervillains where they appear Sexy comic book girls really hot! S he is a botanist at the Gotham City who is obsessed with plants, environmentalism and ecological extinction. She is one of the most notorious eco-terrorists of the world. She applies plant toxins and the mind-manipulating pheromones for the criminal acts, which were normally aimed at defending the endangered species and our natural environment.

Black Canary has emerged in so many companies flagship ing titles like the Justice League and Justice Society of America. Ever since the s, her character was romantically and professionally paired with the archer and superhero, Green Arrow. Psylocke is an imaginary superhero that is commonly associated with X-Men. Primarily, Betsy was a supporting personality in the escapades of her twin sibling, Captain Britain, even temporarily substituting him in his character, before becoming a mutant superheroine and then an X-Men member in as Psylocke.

Then, Psylocke takes the telekinesis power. When combining to the society that is outside her homeland, she adopted her civilian personality as Diana Prince. Felicia Hardy is a descendant of the famous cat burglar of the world. After her misery, the traumatic event from being a college freshman, Hardy trained herself with the different battling techniques and acrobatics right after settling to follow in the footsteps of her father, adopted the clothe identity of a Black Cat.

She is a superhero that commonly associates with X-Men. She debuted as a villain, and ed Sexy comic book girls. Rogue is a part of the subspecies of humans named as mutants, who were born having superhuman abilities.

Rogue has an involuntary ability in absorbing and sometimes removing memories, superpowers and physical strength of anybody she touches. Rogue considered her powers as a curse, and most of her existence, she limits her physical connection with other people, including her as an off love concern, Gambit.

But, after years Rogue, finally takes full control with her mutant abilities. Kara Zor-El is Kal-El biological cousin. Supergirl character has been adapted to different media, like merchandise, film and television. Supergirl was in in the limited sequence Crisis on the Infinite Earths and ret conned away of the existence. Through the decades next to Crisis, some of the characters not related to Superman make use of the Supergirl alias.

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Natalia Alianovna Romanova is a Russian spy that appeared in the American comic books that was published by the Marvel Comics. The character was presented as an antagonist of the Iron Man superhero. She was then defected to the US in becoming a mediator of the imaginary spy agency S. She is a mutant telepath, an urbane with the well-noted dull wit, also called as a White Queen. She is Selina Kyle and was the most lasting love interest of Batman and is famous for her complicated love-hate connection with him. As the Gotham City burglar, she normally wore the one-piece tight outfit and applies a bullwhip as her weapon.

She was initially characterized as an adversary and the supervillain of Batman. InCatwoman was featured in the eponymous sequences that portray her as the antiheroine, usually doing the wrong moves for the perfect reasons. Watch Wonder Woman online. Get started.

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in Get started. Get started Open in app. Who are the 10 sexiest female characters in comics book? Poison Ivy. Black Canary. Wonder Woman. Black Cat. Black Widow. Emma Frost. More from Cheska Warding Follow. More From Medium. Ritika Dutta. t V S. Sa Ngua N. Emily Kirkpatrick in An Injustice! Katherine Mulvihill. Peoplesworld Social Media in People's World. Matthew Thomas.

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