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I must confess. I don't know what happened. I was in my chair and my stepdaughter 18 was on the couch watching Fifty Shades of Gray. Before the movie was over, I was secretly watching her more than the movie. She was covered with a blanket and very discreetly touching her pussy.

I was so horny I wanted to jackoff right then and there. The next morning I played hooky and could not wait for everyone to leave the house. Then I did the unthinkable. I removed her panties from the laundry thinking of that tight ass they covered. I sniffed them but not much scent. Then I tried her pajama bottoms and the scent was strong and so much sweeter than imagined. Thinking she was not wearing panties made me harder while recalling her wiggles and moves under cover, I imagined she was doing it in the nude. I jacked off and dreamed I was fucking her. Hearing my stepdaughter talk dirty over the phone to her boyfriend makes me want to fuck her at times.

Obviously she doesn't realize how loud she talks and how horny it makes me, especially when she tells him what she's doing and then you hear the sounds to backup the talk. Her talking and masturbating leaves me in need for some of the action. So I heard something and wondered what it was.

A mouse or whatever. I walked in and saw my stepdaughter pulling her panties to the side with one hand and fisting with the other. She bucked and made so many noises as I watched her climax. She had no idea I was there. It was one of the hottest things I ever witnessed. I Sex with stepdaughter stories know what I was walking into, but so glad it worked out good.

She was so getting off that she doesn't know I watched and acts like I just caught her after she was well done. Now I want to buch with her. This site is wrong. I read too much and have ideas that are new to me. Sex with stepdaughter stories want my husband to walk in on me and my stepdaughter when he is supposed to be out of town.

I am eating her out. That sweet 16 year old pussy is wet and swollen. I am so curious to making her cum. We hug, rub, shower, share, but no sex yet. I want her more than her daddy. My clit swells. After moving in it didn't take long for my girlfriend's daughter to almost cling to me.

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My girlfriend doesn't see it and I want a happy family, so I am trying to manage it. The daughter is always braless. And when at home, she is barely dressed. She once opened her robe to me and asked what I thought. I yelled you cannot behave that way.

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Since then she has calmed down noticably. Now she wants me to teach her how to kiss. I said we need to talk to your mom but she begs me to say nothing and ask we keep it a secret. This would be bonding. Besides, it's only a kiss? I was so close to doing it. I wanted to but thought, what will she want next? And any normal man could easily fall pray to this beauty. You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium.

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