Robb stark scenes

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Right now I'm re-watching the clips from early seasons. King Robb is probably my favourite character in the series.

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And I love what the show did to him. The scene with the Greatjon; 'Your meat The scene Robb stark scenes Robb releasing the Lannister scout; the staredown with Catelyn and then "Tell Lord Tywin that winter is coming for him, 20, northmen marching South to see if he really does shit gold", that plus the scene with Jaime and Grey Wind - those are two of the best show only moments, in my opinion. Right up until they partened him with Talisa, and not Jeyne Westerling.

I just don't understand it. They had the character of Robb Stark, King in the North and King of the Trident, they fleshed him out even more than the books already had, made us me even more invested, then they took 'Eddardness', and they shat all over it. The took a King who had himself and his whole Kingdom put in an awful position for the honour of a random girl, and made him sell his Kingdom out for attraction, rather than honour.

I can't imagine book-Robb bunning off his duty for Talisa. And to be fair, if you only showed me the pre-Talisa episodes of Robb Stark, I couldn't imagine his show character doing that either. I'm not starting this as a 'fuck the show' kind of thread. I guess if anything it can be a 'big up Robb Stark' thread. It's just crazy watching these early clips and seeing how well they did expanding Robb and making an already great character even greater, only to make a ridiculous decision and totally ruining their work.

I feel the fact they went up the right path then totally doubled back down the wrong one is the worst part. I think Littlefinger is the more obvious screwup. In the books Littlefinger is handsome, charming, witty and has a reputation for being able to acquire gold easily. Whilst those at court recognise him as a small time schemer, he isn't treated with the suspicion he deserves because they view his scheming as extremely small time and harmless next to Varys.

In the show however, everyone is seemingly hyper aware of his untrustworthiness, he acts intentionally creepy to everyone not just Sansa and Ned, everyone treats him the same way they treat Varys, and they still trust him anyway! Yeah I think they missed Robb stark scenes point, Robb did 'love' Jeyne, but it was largely for her honour that he married her. Edit: I mentally jumbled up the two scenes. Ned is not present when LF tells the Sandor story. My main complaint stands, though.

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They basically took the like 2 scenes in the books where LF is an overt creep rather than a covert, but obvious to the reader, creep and just made that his entire character. The show watchers ended up loving him anyway but it would have been nice to give him some depth early on besides being Funny Chicken Man. In the books Littlefinger gives off the image of an ''everyone's favorite uncle'' type, his public persona is based on duping everyone around him just enough to think they're in charge.

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Show Littlefinger was taunting Cersei to her Robb stark scenes by hinting he knew about the incest, aside from that he made quite a lot of fuckups and basically had no real discernible plan long term. I think he's an obvious weasel in the books, but in the books he's well-caged because everyone assumes they know what he wants money. They don't suspect he aims higher. That's why Cersei is comfortable keeping him around and doesn't suspect him for helping Joff's assassin even though she witnesses him betray Ned. She thinks Lannister gold will keep him in her pocket.

LF's power always originates from having powerful allies and then playing them against each other. He makes the choice to head North because he sees a void and houses eager to make alliances once he is given a chance to secure the Vale. Once Sansa lies for him, he pretty much thinks he's got her loyalty. And why wouldn't he? She helped her own aunt's murderer walk free. He just forgot one important detail: the North remembers.

Sansa is going to entrap him in the books as well, but I don't believe Arya will be there, and it will be much cooler. I started out watching the show and I always thought the conversation in season 1 between Varys and Littlefinger was really weird.

The show immediately portrayed Littlefinger as a weird, redundant counterpart to Varys, instead of the unsuspecting character he is in the books. I am very much convinced that the show runners have little idea what they are doing with the characters.

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Littlefinger and Robb stark scenes aren't the only one's screwed up. For so many characters they add these random pointless scenes, change random lines, randomly change storylines, and still keep events going in a similar fashion. Let's add a monologue for littlefinger where he plainly staits what his intentions and goals are.

Take away all nuance about his actions. No subtlety on if he is a villain or not. Then we'll hide this direct exposition with two prostitutes practicing sex. And then we'll make Petyr being there make sense by making him order them how to have sex. Even though this scene makes him look like a creepy bastard. Changes like this completely reinvent the character. Let's have circe threaten littlefinger so that Cerci comes off as more threatening. Even though this makes Petyr look more week, and it makes circe look incredibly stupid when he outsmarts her.

Let's have Robb fall in love with a sympathetic foreigner, and then chooses to marry her instead of the Frey because of love. Even though this makes him look like an oathbreaking, selfish, ass, who chose his own desires over what was best for his kingdom.

In the show he deserves what he got. Let's make Sam obsessed with girls, and sex. Even though it makes him come off as incredibly creepy. While it's more obvious - many ppl have called that bs they do with LF out, I think they fucked Robb up harder. At least LF is still regarded as a master player. Robb gets "dumb" and "think with his dick" stuck to his name forever, which is extremely unfair to such a talented young man. Yes, totally agree. Yeah, Littlefinger feels very superficial in the show.

I see users in other subs drone on about how Littlefinger is "such a creep" or "so evil" Robb stark scenes how "If you really understand his character And like, no shit- it's the most obvious stuff possible.

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Book Littlefinger has far more subtly and nuance to him despite not being a 'good guy'. What was the motivation to change it to Talisa? Talisa is just one character, with no ties to anyone else in Westeros its easy to describe her situation.

Jeyne comes in with a supporting cast of her own, it would need to be explained who they are, their loyalties and possibly show scenes of Robb taking the Crag which further increases the budget. I think love is easier and more relatable for the show viewers. The book version of Robb's grief, the Westerlings' honeypot, and Robb's honor is too subtle and detailed for the show.

I would say it was easier to kill off a made up character than the daughter of a Lannister loyalist house. Made the Red Wedding stabbing scene much more horrific too. Parallels with Jon and Dany in the upcoming season. Jon went south like his uncle and grandfather last season and now is going to love a foreign girl just like Robb.

Also, changing it from a Lannister bannerman to a foreigner makes it more likely that the watcher will side with Robb because the skeptical northmen are being xenophobic as opposed to concerned about loyalty. However, Robb stark scenes is also some rather strong circumstantial evidence in the books that the reason Jeyne and Robb slept together, and subsequently married, is that Jeyne's mother Sybell slipped Robb a mickey and more or less forced her daughter on him.

That makes both Robb and Jeyne a rape victim, and I firmly suspect that they noped out at the prospect of showing that, not just because they thought it would be way too nuanced for a general audience, but also because the show runners pretty consistently elide sexual assault in the books if the assault victim is male.

Robb stark scenes rape, book-Theon's very-probable rape, and Robb's probable rape are all omitted entirely, and Aeron Greyjoy is more or less completely written out of the show. It's one of those bits of latent misogyny that isn't immediately apparent, because it's not the kind of thing that people would have been looking for even five or ten years ago. But once you do notice it, you can't stop noticing it.

I suspect they felt that having him marry a commoner was more digestible for TV audiences. The commoner vs. It also makes him seem more like a hopeless romantic instead of someone who's a naive teenager still learning his way around politics. Robb gets shafted anyway, so there was near zero risk to making the change to the narrative as a whole.

The Westerlings are never even mentioned in the show. Robb's character is supposed to be a cautionary tale. Keep your oaths.

Robb stark scenes

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