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It is true that these days there are as many high and tight haircut options for men as they are for women and we are not trying to exaggerate here. However, not all of them are exactly easy to style and to maintain. And sometimes it is what scares many men the most. That is why we decided to present to your attention something that will take you the least of time and effort to succeed with. What we have in mind is high and tight haircuts, and it is time you learn more about them!

Read on! The high and tight haircut is one of the short haircuts for men that is extremely popular within military society. Recon high and tight these days even the civilians adopted it since it is super comfortable. The thing is that this cut requires shaved or closely cut sides and back while the top is a little longer.

So that you can easily style it without much time and effort involved. Besides, modern barbers suggest countless variations of the cut. And that means that you can still experiment with your hair while keeping it short and comfortable. Another advantage of this cut is that it is flattering to all head and face shapes not to mention the textures.

When you think about it, you may come to the conclusion that all the busy men need this cut. The fact is that with such a cut you do not need any hair product or time at that point to waste on styling it. While, you can still opt for a longer top and play around with it with some wax or hair gelbut that is totally optional. Sounds cool, right? Moreover, any high and tight hairstyle can be easily transformed from formal to casual. It is extremely beneficial when you have some plans with your friends after work. And on the contrary, if you are running late, it will take you a few moments to spruce up your hair.

PIN IT. A high and tight haircut is so popular that if you just ask your barber for it, they should get you right. If not, maybe you should find a more professional stylist. The length of the cut though is upon your decision. You may ask for a long or a military haircut if you like.

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As for the styling, it is also up to you. Make it sleek and refined or messy and effortless depending on your mood and ambiance of the event you are headed at. When it comes to how to cut hair, it should be emphasized that unless you are a professional barber you should leave it to the masters of hair styling.

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However, when it comes to the basics, you should start off with clipping off your sides and back, and then move up. Make sure that the top is longer than the sides and back, besides the transition from high to tight should be noticeable. It has been mentioned that high and tight cuts are short and quite simple. But that does not mean that they are not stylish or versatile. To prove our point we have compiled a trendy gallery for you to get inspired with! A high and tight fade Recon high and tight a short men hairstyle that combines two popular cuts, namely a high and tight and a fade haircut.

The hair on the sides and back is cut very short or shaved. It fades gradually from 1. The top is cut using hair clippers with a guard size between 5 mm and 10 mm. However, modern versions of this military hairstyle allow having longer hair on the crown.

So that it could be combed, spiked or styled in any other way. High and tight fade is one of the most requested cuts these days, especially when the summer hits. The thing is that it is very practical and stylish not to mention trendy. The fading part blends with the tight top just perfectly.

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When you are going for the high and tight haircut for the first time, it is failsafe to start with a classic style. As it will provide you with all the benefits this marine haircut gives, it is a great opportunity to decide whether it suits you or not. Then, you will be able Recon high and tight to grow it out or to experiment with other styles of the high and tight. Those who prefer extremely short haircuts can also pull off a high and tight.

This practical take on the marine haircut is even easier to maintain than its regular version with undercut. If you have been shying away from a high and tight haircut because of its particularly short length, then we have good news for you. You can pull it off even on long tresses. Just follow the pattern with a longer top and noticeable decrease in hair length that starts right beneath it and you are all set! If you want a hairstyle that will not take you much time or effort for its maintenance, then it is hard to think of a better option than a recon high and tight.

No matter what hair type you have, you can be sure that this style will suit you. While there are no specific requirements for your hair type to rock a high and tight, straight hair guys may find it especially flattering. It instantly gives your appearance a dapper and smart touch.

Thus, it will suit any ambiance, from formal to casual. One of the best things about tight cuts that they are easily customizable. So, if you want to change your hair look from polished to messy, all you have to do is to dishevel your locks on top with your hand and a drop of a hairstyling product for extra emphasis. No wonder why a high and tight cut is so popular on black men haircuts. Besides, it looks more pronounced and bold thanks to your intricate hair texture. To give it added definition, go for a line up along the forehead and temples. There is a misconception that a high and tight cannot look sophisticated or elegant, as this is an army haircut.

Yet, we are here to prove it wrong. This refined and polished Recon high and tight and tight comb over will look just perfect when paired with a tuxedo or other formal wear. Unlike classic pomp, the hair on the sides is taken short very high, above the temple area, and the top is noticeably shorter. However, you can still distinguish the features of this popular hairstyle for real gents. This playful flick will spice up your look and give it a daring twist. Just remember to add a small amount of a hairstyling product to keep it in place.

Despite being so short, a high and tight still can be complemented in many different ways and a hard part haircut is one of the most favorable ones.

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It provides your hair look with a personalized flair and brings it to the center stage. Caesar haircut is one of the trendiest these days, and it does not matter for how long it has been in already. Yet, modern barbers think it is great to combine two cuts in order to create one unique haircut.

As you can see when you combine the high and tight together with Caesar cut the outcome is polished and stylish at the same time not to mention exquisite. It is true that looking unique is one of the main priorities of modern men. That is why we suggest you experiment with your cut a little. All you need to do is to add a side part to your regular high and tight.

Side part haircut always looks fabulous and intriguing.

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Short spiky hairstyles add that unique charm to any cut, and the high and tight one is surely not the exception. What is more, if you are opting for the spiky hair you are definitely leaving some room for the experimentation since the length allows it. In case that is what you have been looking for we suggest you pay a visit to your barber right now! Very often, when you opt for a high and tight haircut, there is not that much length to experiment with. And that is why so many men are in love with it. However, if you like this cut but would like to have some length to experiment on the top — there is a way out.

What you need is a brushed up hairstyle, it suggests the length to be brushed in any direction. This allows you to experiment with styling as often as you would like. In case for some reason you are interested in a Recon high and tight look, opt for a high and tight buzz cut with a bald fade on the sides and back.

It still allows for a bold and contrasty appearance, yet keeping it at a minimum. A line up along the forehead and temples will complement the hairstyle perfectly. It is true that wavy hair men often face the issue of coming up with a suitable cut for themselves. From now on, you can sleep tight since your problem is solved! The thing is that high and tight haircut is what will complement the texture best.

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And even short wavy hair men will fall in love with it! Curly top fade is the best option for those of you with tight curls. The thing is that the top in this haircut is a little longer.

Recon high and tight

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