Platinum blonde pubic hair

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Go to first unread. Skip to :. This discussion is closed. Aquillyne Badges: 1. Report Thread starter 13 years ago 1. Okay - I'm 21, so it's a bit late in life to still be asking these questions - but I was having a discussion with a friend and I suddenly realised that I have no idea how head hair colour correlates with hair on the rest of the body. Particularly around the genitals. If you have red hair do you have red pubic hair? If you have blonde hair do you have blonde pubic hair? If you're old and have white hair is it reasonable to assume it's white down there too?

Not what you're looking for? Tufts Badges: Report 13 years ago 2. Report 13 years ago 3.

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I once heard they're the same colour as your eyebrows Badges: Report 13 years ago 4. In Lady Chatterley's Lover Constance was intrigued by the fact that Mellors had dark almost black hair round his genitals, but had red hair on his head!! Report 13 years ago 5. Report 13 years ago 6.

Id have thought they were the same most of the time If not darker, down there. Report Thread starter 13 years ago 7. I'm sorry this is kind of blunt, but I'm most interested in what goes on down there for redhe. I just have never seen red pubic hair and can't imagine it, but maybe I'm just being an idiot. Report 13 years ago 8. Anonymous 1. Report 13 years ago 9. Redhe tend to have red pubes, sometimes slightly lighter coloured than on their he. Anonymous 2. Report 13 years ago The Bf has ginger pubic hair, infact quite alot more ginger than on his head, which is only vaguely ginger in a certain light, most of the time it's blonde.

Anon because I don't think the bf would appreciate this being shared with the rest of the world. JustJam Badges: 9. Original post by Aquillyne Okay - I'm 21, so it's a bit late in life to still be asking these questions - but Blue Rose Badges: Original post by JustJam That's an interesting question. I've always wondered also but been too embarassed to ask. Just to go one step further, if you have straight hair on your head, is your pubic hair also straight?

Or is pubic hair generally curly? I'm embarassed now. I though it was the same colour as your eyebrows. When someone mentioned red hair possibly having red pubes as well, I suddenly thought of Sex and the city. The only way to truly find out is to actually see for yourself, as a ginger person will most probably lie. This reminds me of a bit in Will and Grace where Grace's ex ginger boyfriend Platinum blonde pubic hair to visit: Karen: So Guy: I don't know. I've got wood flooring. Made me chuckle.

Platinum blonde pubic hair

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Do people with blonde hair have blonde pubic hair?