Places for a quickie

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Depending on your adventure levels, there are several places you can run to when desire hits.

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Also, keep in mind that not all places will allow for straight-up, trousers-down penetration — some will logistically only allow for oral maneuvers or hand-jobs. Maybe the taxi driver will appreciate the show. You know, the one without any windows and the convenient lock. Careful of staplers. ALLEY — Dirty yes, and probably not the sexiest if iit smells of urine, however, there is the occasional clean wall where you can hoist your skirt, drop your pants, and go to town.

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Also, remember that hitting the emergency stop button usually triggers an alarm. Not to mention the security cameras. But if you like the thrill of being watched, caught, or recorded, it might be for you. Make things extra fun by adding Bluetooth sex toys.

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Try this:. But long nights along the highway leave plenty of room for fun. Handjobs are the easiest. However, any field will work fine as long as it provides camouflage and there are no harvest machines coming your way. Being arrested for trespassing etc is a real possibility.

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Sexy time is okay. Illegal sexy time is not.

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Places for a quickie

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