People kissing on the beach

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After two men were arrested for kissing on a public beach in Mexico, a crowd of furious sunbathers surrounded the heavily armed cops and demanded their release. Video of the incident has skyrocketed around the world and Mexican LGBTQ groups are demanding authorities take action. No one on the beach saw the alleged sexual contact, but police say a citizen complaint spurred the arrests.

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Two officers reportedly saw the men kiss and returned with two ATVs and several armed officers. Todos merecemos el mismo trato, y se deben aplicar las sanciones correspondientes a estos elementos. Posted by Noti Tulum on Monday, February 22, Many people across the state feel the same way.

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Another said it proves that looking at naked women can turn men gay. The year-old was seeking help with a menstrual condition when she saw the paperwork after her visit. She ended up with a broken nose and both victims got a 5-day suspension. The administration ended up with over pissed off students. One of the arrested men tells the crowd why they're being detained.

Photo: Screenshot.

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Rand Paul goes on unhinged transphobic rant at Dr. Latest Stories. Jen Psaki gives Halloween-colored gifts to a groom-to-be before he ties the knot.

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More in News. Saturday, October 9, Guardian columnist ties cis male murderer to trans women. Now people are protesting their office. Friday, October 8, Thursday, October 7, Wednesday, October 6, Tuesday, October 5,

People kissing on the beach

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