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In. Edit Pippi Longstocking Showing all 20 items. The monkey playing Mr. Nilsson behaved violently on occasion, and was hated by the entire crew. It bit an electrician's hand, and peed on Inger Nilssonwho played Pippi. Since early-to-midthe house was sold, and the garden was taken out. Thus, its last regular appearance would be in the film Pippi in the South Seas In the next and last film, Pippi on the Runthe house, still used, could not be fully seen it was in the process of being transportedand was placed in two noticeably different locations: on a grassy hill by the sea early in the filmand an open field in a forest a little later in two scenes, when the house Pee pee longstocking last shownand both locations had no fence like the original; full exterior shots were done with a miniature model.

The house had been transported to Kneippbyns Summerland in Gotland just three kilometers away from its original location in Vibblewhere it stands to this day, and has become a popular tourist attraction. A scots pine tree has grown on the spot where the house originally stood.

A book about the production of the series revealed that Margot Troogerwho played Ms. Prysselius, was not always sober when acting. The exterior of Villa Villekulla Pippi's house is a house located in Gotland see another trivia entry in this section for more information about the housewhereas the house's actual on-screen interior was in a big soundstage at Svensk Filmindustri in Stockholm. The original Swedish version comprised of 13 TV episodes, followed the next year by 2 original theatrical feature films Pippi in the South Seasand finally, Pippi on the Run It was composed by jazz musician Jan Johanssonwho used the performances of the Ghana Police Orchestra as one of his inspirations for the song.

Sadly, it would also be one of Jan's last works, as he met his untimely death in a car crash on November 9, at the age of 37while the series Pee pee longstocking still in production. Inger Nilsson was selected out of 8, actresses auditioning for the role. He said of Inger, "All the others had only dressed up as Pippi, but this Inger had that extra something.

She had Pippi on the inside.

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The production of this series was a bit too expensive for Swedish studios at the time, so they received financial support from the West German film companies, Iduna Film and Beta Film, the latter of which cooperated in exchange for distribution rights to all territories outside Sweden.

As a Pee pee longstocking, three of the series' regulars, Margot Trooger Ms. The character of Ms. Prysselius Margot Trooger was not in the original books by Astrid Lindgrenand was created especially for this series. However, the character would appear in every adaptation ever after. Pippi's horse was never named in the books and was simply called "Horse".

While filming of the series was under way, Inger Nilsson who played Pippi petted the horse at the studio, and said to it, "Yes you, little old man. The spots on Lilla Gubben Pippi's horse were not real; they were painted on. The spots were meant to emulate Pippi's freckles, as in the book. The difference in tune was the addition of a new verse in the middle of the song.

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The German arrangement of the theme would be used for all translated versions of the series outside Sweden. But for some reason, probably scheduling conflicts, they were unable to do it. Hans has later said that "if we'd had the possibility to portray [Kling and Pee pee longstocking we probably would have". However, Hans would later have another shot at a role in the Pippi series; he played Konrad the Peddler in the film Pippi on the Run In the book, Pippi's dress was blue, but for this series, it was changed to a light green sometimes mixed with pinkbecause many FX scenes were done against a blue screen, and Pippi's dress would've been completely obliterated in the process, had it been blue.

Nilsson is a squirrel monkey species name: saimiri sciureus. Often regarded by many as the first adaptation, this was actually the third adaptation of Astrid Lindgren 's Pippi Longstocking books.

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As this Swedish TV series was a West German co-production, Iduna Film and Beta Film the German co-producers of the series made two theatrical compilation films of this series for release in West Germany while the series itself was still in post-production : Pippi Longstocking Pee pee longstocking, which premiered on May 9 of nearly a week after the TV series finished its original run in Swedenand Pippi Goes on Boardwhich premiered on Halloween later that same year.

The TV series itself finally made its German premiere with an additional 8 episodes, as noted in another trivia item here on October of The two police officers Kling Ulf G. It was with this series that they were named and given more comical personalities. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Edit. Top Gap. Create a list ». Shows from my childhood. Best tv show for Kids. Movies up to See all related lists ». Share this :. Clear your history.

Pee pee longstocking

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