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Overjoyed, you step outside, taking in the sights and sounds. Screaming passengers whizzing around loopy roller coasters in the distance, Uther announcing park programmes on the speakers, and the music, oh, the music! How does it all sound so good, you wonder? Credit goes to the brilliant Overwatch sound team, whom we recently had a chat with to find out how they managed to produce an authentic theme park sound experience for players.

Each of Overwatch sound design have their own dedicated section of the map, with recognizable sounds sourced from the original games to immerse players in the land. This required close collaboration with other Blizzard games, and the Overwatch team reached out to the other teams for assistance when the map was coming to life. Kris was instrumental in helping me select the various ghouls and creatures we randomized in audio emitters strategically placed throughout the Diablo section of the map.

The Diablo 3 sounds were so good, we barely had to process any of them before putting them in! But prior to Blizzard World, Overwatch lacked the tech to synchronize music coming from multiple speaker sources, so the team had to start from scratch. Another way the team added to the realism of the soundscape is through all the other iconic sounds you expect to hear in a theme park.

This allowed us to get very clean and authentic recordings of the rides in a nice quiet environment. The attraction has all kinds of great sounding animatronics, steam, levers, and the carts themselves sounded amazing on their respective track.

We had a very small window of time to run the ride before the park opened, but the staff was Overwatch sound design helpful and we were able to pull it off. Players can go for a joy ride on a gryphon during a match, which may be fun, but is not advisable!

Take a listen at the sounds of Flight to Duskwood. The Diablo area was a personal favourite of Chris de la Pena, whose experience working on Diablo 3 helped with selecting the best sounds to reflect the eerie atmosphere and huge opening chamber of the area.

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So not only is the ambience appropriate for the size, but it also stays true to the Diablo 3 lore. I placed an audio emitter of some ambient sounds I created for the Abattoir pits in Westmarch, found in the Diablo 3 expansion Reaper of Souls. The sounds reflect an ominous hot breeze coming from the unknown deeps of the pit. I also used audio emitters for randomized creature sounds you might recognize from different areas of Diablo 3. You just might hear the ghost of Deckard Cain scribbling notes and turning the s! After checking out that little Deckard Cain hint provided by Chris, we knew there would be plenty more easter eggs hidden around the map.

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However, when we probed for more clues, Scott remained hush-hush, not wanting to reveal too much. The best way to try to find them all is to start up a custom game, and spend some time running around and listening for the little details. Well then, what else is there to do?

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We loaded up a custom game, and went hunting for some hidden sound easter eggs. On certain dates, more secrets are revealed. Announcements by Uther Lightbringer voiced by Michael McConnohiethe legendary paladin from Warcraftcan be heard on speakers in the Hearthstone Tavern and around the Stormwind Castle. He says his ature quote you know the one! This is definitely not all the voice lines there are out there, so create your own custom game and have a wander around to see what you can find.

Their hard work on sound de has resulted in a wonderfully immersive Blizzard World theme park, and we look forward to hearing the sounds of the next destination they send us to in subsequent Overwatch maps. We are a collective bunch of geeks who love to share our passion with the rest of the world. Just like the Beholder we Overwatch sound design adopted as our mascot, we have both depth and width of geeky topics we cover. By visiting thisyou declare yourself one of us!

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Overwatch sound design

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