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Jackie realizes sobriety is the ultimate cover for getting high, and now she's saving lives at work, taking care of her kids, and her boyfriend is loving the new her. She's got everyone fooled, but what goes up must come down. Season premiere. Jackie steals Dr. Coop gets crushing news. Carrie gets a lucky break. Jackie gets blindsided. After having a sex dream that involves both Eddie and Kevin, Jackie wakes up with Frank at Nurse jackie mia foot of her bed asking to move in.

Jackie makes a scene, forcing Kevin to cancel the dinner he had planned to formerly introduce them. Prentiss gets a visitor from his past: hood friend whose mild symptoms reveal a grave illness, forces Prentiss to reconcile who he was, who he is, and where his life with Zoey is heading. At lunch, Frank is still pressing Jackie to move in. Now Jackie has the ammo she needs to keep him from moving in.

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Frank asks to come over tonight and talk about it. Jackie agrees, then invites the entire crew from All Saints over for a poker night. Frank knows that Jackie is trying to put him off, but when he presses the matter, Jackie tells him that Kevin had an affair and she is reluctant to get involved with a cheater.

Frank backs off. With everyone from All Saints distracted with poker, and Frank taking the dog for a walk, Jackie swallows five pills. Frank sees the whole thing. Luckily for Jackie, he throws his back out before he can find anything. Laid up and in pain, Frank confesses to Jackie that he saw her use at the poker party the night before and was searching the house. Realizing she dodged a bullet, Jackie quickly removes all drugs from her home and tries to find a hiding place for them at All Saints, finally settling on an old relic in the ladies rest room.

Jackie complains to Antoinette about her upcoming dinner with Kevin and his new finance, but Antoinette convinces her to go. Back at work, Jackie connects with a homeless, alcoholic nun who seems to have given up on life. When Frank finds an old drug stash by accident, he calls Jackie to confront her but she brushes him off and he inside a Williamsburg loft where she finds distraction and excitement Nurse jackie mia the arms of Gabe, the young drug user she met at the Square Dance. Prentiss misses the action of working in a war zone and is momentarily in his element when a multiple injury trauma is said to be coming into All Saints.

Later, Zoey confronts Prentiss about his dissatisfaction and encourages him to do what he loves.

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Jackie is thrilled when Frank makes a surprise appearance at Kevin and Mia's dinner only to be confused by his caustic attitude. Mia and Kevin make a big announcement which causes Frank to reconsider confronting Jackie about the drugs he found. Jackie pops a surprising question to Frank. Jackie's fake identity is compromised when it's announced at work that Dr.

Meanwhile, Prentiss has a big date night planned for Zoey, which includes the Opera and dinner at Per Se. Their plans are cut short when Zoey suspects something is wrong. Prentiss finally admits the truth: that he's re-enlisted in the army and is leaving All Saints. A sad Zoey returns to the ER to find Jackie alone after having just lost a young patient. Together they watch the remainder of the Opera on Zoey's phone.

Jackie detoxes at home — with help. Frank raises an objection about Grace. As Kevin and Nurse jackie mia plan their wedding Jackie and Frank remain estranged. Jackie asserts she has nothing to worry about and ends the call quickly. Meanwhile, the death of the All Saints newsstand proprietor has the staff reflecting on the anonymity of life and Zoey and Thor plan a memorial. Jackie devises a painful spur of the moment solution to the impending DEA urine test involving Akalitus.

The homeless nun returns in worse shape than ever and Jackie is happy to have a second chance to help her. Jackie brushes off the overly assuming Antoinette, claiming she wants to do recovery on her own.

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Antoinette turns to Eddie for help and more. Jackie comes home to find a wedding invitation from Kevin and Mia. Inside she is shocked to find Frank and his two sons hanging out with Grace and Fi. Frank makes a pitch to get back together. We think Jackie's on board as she looks at the invitation to Kevin's wedding but we're not so sure. As Jackie's drug use intensifies, she realizes she needs to clear the decks of the people closest to her if she wants to keep using.

Nurse jackie mia notices Grace and Frank's son getting a little too close for comfort. And this is all the ammunition she needs. She simplifies her life by breaking up with Frank and getting rid of Antoinette once and for all. Meanwhile, Carrie has forgotten Coop's 40th birthday the morning after they've slept together—and Thor manages to save her with the world's greatest present. And the investigation of Nancy Wood zeroes in on a suspect: Akalitus.

And Zoey, now that she's single and has some clarity, decides to take the next step in her career and become a Nurse Practitioner. Jackie meets up with Gabe and we realize that she's going to take him to Kevin's wedding. It's Kevin's wedding day and Jackie's going—not because she wants to, but because Fiona begged her. Luckily for her, she's got a serious stash to get her through. Akalitus has turned her suspicious eye on Jackie now that the DEA is breathing down her neck. Helen the drunk nun that Jackie connected with in episodes is brought in after a suicide attempt that will ultimately end her life in a few hours.

Jackie cares for Helen along with all the other women in the ER. And to cover her own ass, Jackie convinces Nurse jackie mia to pass herself off as Nancy Wood, which takes Akalitus off the scent.

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Meanwhile, Carrie demands that Coop introduce her to his mom and he surprises her when he says he can't until they're serious. So Carrie uses her newfound local tv notoriety to out their relationship. But Jackie's drug use is at its zenith and after writing a gorgeous recommendation for Zoey's graduate program, Zoey witnesses Jackie make a near fatal error with a patient. And Zoey's suspicions are raised and then confirmed once Helen dies.

Jackie attends Kevin's wedding which is going smoothly until Grace pieces together that Gabe's a dealer. Jackie and Gabe get into an argument that turns physical and after a serious altercation, Jackie and Gabe are both kicked out of Kevin's wedding.

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And Zoey walks into Akalitus' office to inform her about Jackie. Zoey tells Akalitus that she suspects Jackie may be using drugs again, because Jackie almost killed a patient. Meanwhile, Jackie sleeps with Eddie. Akalitus tells Jackie if she fails the drug test, she will be stripped of her and will not be able to practice medicine again. Akalitus calls Jackie to take the drug test, and Jackie flees the hospital. Jackie uses drugs and hits the road — with a suitcase full of pills that Eddie gives her. Her nursing instincts take over, and she helps the injured motorist.

When paramedics arrive on the scene, Jackie gets back in her car and drives off — right into an ambulance. The pills in her suitcase go flying. Cops point flashlights into her car and see the drugs. And then, they arrest Jackie Peyton. Jackie is ambushed by Antoinette. Nurse Jackie, Nurse jackie mia 7. Nurse Jackie, Season 1.

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Nurse jackie mia

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