Natalie portmans butt

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Top Sexy Models. Thanks for visiting TopSexyModels. Neta-Lee Hershlag is the real name of Natalie Portman, whose natal day is on June 9 and will turn 39 this year. Her acting career started when she was 12 years old. Natalie Portman appeared in many films. Most of the time, these films were blockbusters, and through these films, Natalie received accolades and awards.

Mostly, her character roles involve a psychologically troubled woman who seeks acceptance from society.

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To play the role effectively, Natalie Portman underwent an intensive workout and diet. Already a vegan, she further cut back her carb intake to lose at least 20 pounds during the shooting. Occasionally, she accepts a role in sci-fi, romantic, or drama genre. She also receives many nominations for acting skills, including her role in Jackie. This beautiful and sexy actress with an Israeli descent is also a filmmaker.

InNatalie Portman directed a short film, and inshe made a biographical drama. These films are the embodiment of her versatility as a Hollywood celebrity. Outside the Hollywood big screen, Natalie Portman is quite an advocate of social issues such as animal rights and environmental causes. Her husband is Benjamin Millepied and has two children with him.

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They married in Besides being an actress, Natalie Portman is one hot, intelligent chic. Also, she le a healthy lifestyle, committing to a vegetarian diet since the age of 9. Her current lifestyle is the result of reading a book about eating animals. Since then, she vowed not to eat anything that comes from animals, except during her two pregnancies.

Did you know that Natalie Portman has a garden on her home where she grows her vegetables?

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Both her children follow her vegetarian diet. She says that her diet makes her body healthy and strong. To stay fit and healthy, she does yoga routines and hits the gym regularly. We know you love to see the pics of Natalie Portman, so here they are. Not convince?

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Natalie portmans butt

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