My little pony tickle torture

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Tickle Torture is meant to be a way of gaining information from someone by subjecting them to tickling sensations and is most often used in G-rated media. Friendly Tickle Torture is often portrayed as an affectionate act to emphasize how strong a bond is between two characters in a playful and sometimes cute manner. While some cases demonstrate that it's unpleasant for the recipient, it is nonetheless obvious that the intentions of the tickler are purely harmless.

In real life, this is far more common than the villainous counterpart, though ticklers should note that what they think is friendly may not be received so. In fiction, not so much. Compare Prank Punishment. Little Bear and his parents have some fun with one another when the tyke tries to help them get rid of some "bed bugs". Community My little pony tickle torture More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an.

Go for a giggle, a tickle or two. You tickle me, and I'll tickle you! If you say "tickle me," that's what I'll do, higgly, piggly, tickle me, too! Her relaxation turns to laughter when her husband tickles her bare feet. Anime and Manga. In one episode of Aishiteruze BabyKippei playfully tickles Yuzuyu after she wakes him up from his nap. In one episode of BleachOrihime has invited Rangiku Matsumoto over as a guest, as she's bathing Orihime tells her about what had recently happened to her and she begins to cry.

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Rangiku then gets out of the tub and starts tickling her in an attempt to cheer her up. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo invokes this with a startling and unexpected frequency between the various characters in the show, which comes as no surprise given the anime's sense of humor. Often zigzags into this trope's more "malicious" counterpart.

Digimon : In Digimon AdventureTai gets tickled by his teacher after remarking that he could be an evil Digimon In another episode, Joe tickles Gomamon, but it's offscreen and only in the English dub. In the Dragon Ball Z movie, " Tree of Might ", Goku and Gohan are taking a bath together and as they hold a contest to see who can hold their breath the longest, Goku is seen tickling Gohan underwater.

At the very start of the scene, Lucy is seen tickling Nana. In chapterhe does it again out of boredomthis time to a barefoot Lucy by tickling the soles of her feet with Happy's tail while she's resting on an inn bed with her boots off. Lucy does not take the joke kindly and wallops both of them over the head for acting like creeps. Happy does it to Lucy again in order to wake her up after she was hit by an avalanche.

This happens to Lucy again when Cana, trying to get answers out Lucy's relationship with Natsu, playfully gropes her breasts while they are at the guild bathhouse. The male wizards on the other side try to listen in. Early in volume 8 of Hidamari SketchMiyako proposes a no-sleep-over party, declaring "Whoever falls asleep has to suffer a terrible punishment!!!

In volume 9, Yuno's group on the senior trip see the Billiken, a statue that's supposed to bring luck if you rub its feet. Early in the anime of HitohiraChitose has Kai restrain Mugi while she tickles her. She does this to help her improve her voice. She gets her again towards the end of the anime series. What Polnareff doesn't know is that 1. Mannish Boy is actually eviland can erase memoriesand 2. Kakyoin laced his baby food with the poop in his diaper as punishment My little pony tickle torture nearly killing them.

Joseph Joestar is on the receiving end of this from his daughter Holly earlier in Part 3, where she tickles him in the middle of the Tokyo-Narita Airport as an affectionate form of punishment for not visiting sooner. Instead, Tamaki and Yamie proceed to tickle him.

In My Neighbor TotoroSatsuki starts a tickle fight with Mei while they're in the bath to get her to laugh and scare away the soot sprites. In Negima! Magister Negi MagiThe class pulls out a bunch of robot hands to do this to Chao during their farewell party in the Festival Arc. They wanted to see tears from her, and if they couldn't get them from emotion, laughter would do just fine. Once she finds out it's him, she smacks him a couple of times with a Paper Fan of Doom.

In NoukomeChocolat playfully catches Kanade off guard with this. Misty tickles a Cyndaquil's belly when the gang first meets Prof. When May first meets her Bulbasaur, it responds by tickling her cheek. This is one of three moves used by James's Mime Jr, which he often uses as a diversionary tactic. Though considering Mime Jr still belongs to Team Rocket, this trope often flip-flops with the more malicious trope At the start of one episode of Best Wishesa simple Pet the Dog moment My little pony tickle torture Ash and Pikachu turns into this trope. In the XYZ series, Bonnie tickles Squishy twice on-screen, first when they meet for the very first time, and then once again in one of the outro songs.

She also does this to Z2, the second Zygarde core in the series in an attempt to befriend it.

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Happens in the Sun and Moon series more than any of the other seasons: Ash does this to Pikachu while giving him a Bath. Becomes a running gag once Poipole is introduced, Pikachu is tickled over-and-over when the Ultra Beast attempts to see Pikachu's electricity in action and simply out of affection and playfulness.

It eventually stops tickling Pikachu before evolving into Naganadel. A combination of this and the accidental variant occurs multiple times in an episode when Ash's Pikachu is checked out by many of the Pikachus residing in the Pikachu Valley. During a montage featuring Ash and Pikachu's adventures, there is a brief moment in it where Pikachu crawls into Ash's Sleeping Bag and playfully tickles him from inside of it. Later, in episode 14, Victim of the Week Nanami tickles Tsubomi to cheer her up for a misunderstanding.

In Episode 24 of " Go! Princess Pretty Cure ", Kirara inflicts this on Towa to make her smile.

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It works. During the season finale of Sonic X 's 2nd Season, after Rouge and Knuckles get into a fightupon seeing Sonic has returned Knuckles cracks a joke on Rouge's ruffled appearance, leading Rouge to do you know what One of Nobue's "proofs" is that Miu, despite "having been" very ticklish, doesn't react to the most severe tickling. Except that she does, of course. Ryo-ohki unintentionally does this to Sasami after being scared into hiding by Mirei in Tenchi Universe. From Tokyo Mew MewIchigo does this to Lettuce after Lettuce causes problems unintentionally with her new-found powers.

She struggles to keep from laughing when he has her look at him with tissues stuck in his nostrils, but he finally makes her laugh by tickling her until she yells at him to knock it off. Comic Books. Between his teleporting ability and his prehensile tail, he's apparently quite good at it.

Hell, he's done it so much the Fandom has decided he has a tickle fetish.

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The fact that he's done it to who he's done it and suffered little punishment probably means something, too. Harley Quinn does this to the Joker in issue 17 of Harley Quinn In The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eyefor reasons that totally make sensethe crew of the Lost Light are on a holographic version of earth, wearing equally holographic human disguises.

The software that generates the disguises uses the wearer's own personality to de them, resulting in some humorous. Nautica tries to cheer him up by finding out if he's ticklish.

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Nautica: Which you are not! So that's settled! Flippy from Happy Tree Friends receives this from other characters quite often in fan art. Considering that he is the most violent member of castyou'll see what's so appealing about getting him tickled. In SisterhoodHisao cheers up a glum Hanako by tickling her to fits of laughter in order to prove that she still has many sensitive spots left despite her burns. There are many fan blogs dedicated to this trope. In Hope for the Heartlessthe Horned King develops a habit of giving these to Avalina at the end of their plays following the resurrection of his heart.

In Cultural Differences Commander Shepard and Tali have a tickle fight in order to relieve stress and anger the two had for each other. Tali and he patch up their relationship after this In Tangled Up In YouAdrien does this to Marinette a couple of times, first after they fall asleep on Alya's couch and wake up in a Sleep Cute position, and then later when he tries to get her to admit to making a pun.

Once, this ended up with him being tickled by the CMCs in return. He has also considered doing so to Trixie but decided against it on the grounds that it might not be appreciated as much. Vader : I have you now. Films — Animated. Alice from Alice in Wonderland is tickled by a playful flamingo while playing Croquet with the Queen of Hearts.

One scene in The Aristocats features Marie and Berlioz play-fighting. During which, Berlioz pins Marie down and tickles her belly. Towards the second half of Bambi II there is a quick father and son bonding moment between Bambi and his dad, The Great Prince, when the latter blows a raspberry on Bambi's belly while they are rough-housing. When Coraline enters the garden made by her Other Mother. She gets playfully "attacked" by a bunch of living Snapdragons that swarm and tickle her until they get beheaded shortly after by Other Father.

Epic has a brief scene with Mub and Grub. In Finding NemoMarlin tickles Nemo before they leave for Nemo's first day at school, and during the end-credits roll. In Hotel Transylvania 2Dennis often gets glomped and licked affectionately by Winnie. First, when Hiccup and Astrid are bonding shortly before they discover the Light Fury, Hiccup playfully tickles Astrid when they are play-wrestling.

Later towards the film's ending when Hiccup introduces his family to Toothless and his family. Toothless tickles Hiccup, albeit in a literal Licked by the Dog sense. Happens twice in Inside Out. First, it's averted when Joy tries to cheer up Bing Bong but fails, who becomes depressed when My little pony tickle torture Land and his Singing-powered Wagon are both supposedly destroyed.

One of them features a younger Riley My little pony tickle torture tickled by her dad. The Jungle Book : Mowgli tickles Baloo after they both have a play-fight in their first encounter. In the midst of his laughter, Baloo tells Mowgli that one does not do that in the jungle. When Mowgli tries to explain to Shanti how a beat works when singing and dancing, he briefly tickles Ranjan to demonstrate. Kronk's New Groove : Done by Kronk to one of the elders to get them to stretch more. Implied during the famous "Under the Sea" song as well, when Ariel briefly tickles a Seahorseonly for it and some of its friends to return the favor.

Peabody on his tummy, in an affectionate owner-and-dog style. Near the beginning of The Rescuers Down Underafter Cody frees Marahute from a trap set by Mcleach, the eagle flies him around for a ride across the sky. During the event, Marahute throws Cody into the air before catching him by wrapping her talons around his arms. She then proceeds to use one of her talons to tickle his belly while he's in her grasp.

My little pony tickle torture

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