My boyfriend likes to wear my underwear

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In the last month or so my boyfriend told me he like to wear my clothes i've always let him wear my underwear but he has asked me if he can start wearing my bra tops tights and skirts he even has worn my heels. It really doesn't bother me but i'm just interested what makes guys wanna wear female clothing? We've talked about it and he saids that he just likes the feel of it and that it feels comfortable. He has never done it in secret and he also said its only my clothes he likes wearing not womens clothes in general.

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Well, it sure isn't normal. And this is ok with you? You should be very careful because if he does then the chance of Aids or some other STD goes way up.

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Other than the two things I mentioned,or wanting to be a girl I have no idea why a guy would want to wear female clothing. I think you should feel nice about it that he wants to wear yoru underwear and not some other girls.

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You are lucky he has not done this in secret as most cross-dressers do keep it a secret. Hang on to this guy he is honest with you. Maybe you could give him your old things instead of throwing them out or giving them to charity.

Getting extra wears out of dresses you have paid good money for must be a positive thing. It really doesn't bother me but i'm just interested what makes guys wanna Not in public. I am normal sized, but my boyfriend is huge. So when I wear his sweater it isn't like "Oh, look at little cute me in a baggy sweatshirt" I look more like a hobo wearing an ugly dress. He wears XXL. And when some girls wear baggy clothes it makes them look cute and tiny, it just makes me look fatter. But sometimes if he leaves a sweater at my house I will wear it because it is there, and it smells like him.

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Also, sometimes I see girl's wear their boyfriend's hats and they look cute. I sometimes wear my boyfriend's beanie and it makes me look butch, so that's not something I really do too often. I don't wear his sweater in public because I usually remember my own. There have been days where it is warm and I don't think I need one, but then we go to a movie theater and I get cold, he will let me use his jacket, but I always unzip it and lay it over me like a blanket, that way he can slip and arm in too and not be cold.

It's great that you're accepting of him though and let him wear your clothes! It's interesting that it's only your clothes that he likes to wear, and if this really is the case, I guess maybe it's because it makes him feel even closer to you, especially when wearing your underwear. I understand it's something to do with escapism, the feel of the clothes, thrill of the forbidden, or it may be some deep seated need that stems from childhood trauma etc.

I assume your guy is normal in everything else and doesn't actually WANT to be a woman - that's a whole different ball game! Please, please ignore the ignorant answers to this question. It's certainly different, but it's very common and plenty of well-adjusted, attractive, successful men enjoy the feeling and the appearance of dressing in women's clothing.

I know because my BF is one of them. It's great that it doesn't bother you, but you need to have an open and frank discussion about limits if you're going to continue this relationship. He dresses conventionally at work and gives the weekends to his girly side We've had a lot of discussion about what I'm comfortable with, and he's very sweet and considerate about not wearing things that'll embarass me luckily I'm pretty open-minded and I like him in skirts!

What makes guys want to? Ooh, this might turn into a problem. I know you said it doesn't bother you, but if it starts getting annoying--you tell him when to stop. I mean--can you imagine marrying and having family with a man who likes to wearing your clothing all the time? My boyfriend does this too! It started about 4 months ago. In the beginning it didn't bother me, he always said he liked the feel of my clothes, such as silk nighties and things like My boyfriend likes to wear my underwear. I just looked at him wearing my bra and just couldn't find him attractive. He completely shut off.

I'm the one who should have felt embarrassed and ashamed, that's my boyfriend! I love him no matter what, it's a different kind of relationship to others. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. September 18, thanh.

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I wonder if he likes wearing your crotchless panties. This Site Might Help You. I eventually gained his trust back again and we could talk about it. But he's happy and that's all that matters to me in the end. No relationship is 'normal'. It's about love, compassion and happiness. October 10, thanh.

My boyfriend likes to wear my underwear

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My boyfriend wears womens undies