Muscular female cartoon characters

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Hey bodybuilders, remember when you were a kid on Saturday morning. Fortunately the 80s and 90s were crammed with some of the most insanely ripped characters ever drawn. You might not have realized, but they probably sent out some subliminal weightlifting messages. The only active series on our list, not only is main character Brock Samson built like an Apache helicopter, but his accomplishments inspire true greatness. He went to State University on a football scholarship.

He lost his virginity at age Cartoon Network. Always looking good.

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Always chasing babes. Never without a reason to flex his biceps. Johnny Bravo, we get you. Gung Ho. Snake Eyes. Actually, no, it was probably Sgt. This superhero send-up featured a titular hero who was as buff as he was absurd. In addition to having the greatest theme song in the history of cartoons, the early 90s X-Men series left no mutant muscle behind. These guys climb our ranks because their physiques could barely fit in their shells.

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Even by mutant creature standards, visible six-packs poking through rock-hard exoskeletons is worthy of respect. The only question is, who do we credit the lean mass to, ninjitsu training or sewer cardio?

He-Man may have actually been the first bodybuilder. His outfit certainly suggests he knew how to pose. Even his nemesis, Skeletor, obviously hit the gym. Probably the competing gym across the street. Warner Bros. This motley crew of cat people benefitted from an all protein diet of heroism. Ripped leader Lion-O was jacked enough to pull off a powder blue one-piece, while Panthro, his right hand man essentially, his spotter opted for a more Borat-ish look. Both gave aspiring bodybuilders some cool cats to follow. Plus, Cheetarah … meow! In doing so, Goku flexes just about every muscle he has in what amounts to an epic pose-down with evil.

Also, the DBZ creators took weight training very seriously. Intensified artificial gravity chambers and hyperbolic time technology made for some of the most entertaining training sequences ever drawn by man. Oh, and to any of you bros rolling your eyes at an anime show, know this.

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Beside being a classic cartoon with two adaptationsthe franchise was a successful comic book series, live-action show starring legendary bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno and slightly less successful movie. His face suggested some sort of palsy. His girlfriend was almost certainly battling an eating disorder. And Bluto was just a royal douche pretty much all the time. BUT, Popeye clearly found time to work out. No bun.

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But future bodybuilders watched it because of Powdered Toast Man. From chest to abs to qu to calves, he was set. And his glutes were so impressive that he actually flew ass first by launching himself out of a toaster. Not bodybuilders. For them, only McBain — aka Ranier Wolfcastle — stands tall. A spoof on larger-than-life action heroes like Bruce Willis and Arnold SchwarzeneggerMcBain only reinforces how awesome they were. Experts and competitors alike can agree that his impressive physique is a result of two things: eating clean, as a champion of the environment should, and benching Planeteers in his spare time.

Larry the Lobster: Spongebob Squarepants Present : If Larry were more of a central character and not all pecsthe big-hearted crustacean would have been a shoo-in for our three spots.

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Muscular female cartoon characters

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20 Most Muscular Anime Girl Characters: The Ultimate List