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January 19, Here we are past the halfway point of January and we have already seen so much happening in our world. With that said, we need a diversion or distraction to make us smile. I came Mixed wrestling links the following mixed wrestling match video and felt it was noteworthy. Here's the link: Mixed Wrestling in San Francisco. The match is set in a quonset style building in San Francisco. This match is 12 minutes long and features a muscular female in a workout ensemble that has the look of a two-piece swimsuit, yet is ed together by material in the front, thus making it a one-piece.

The lady's outfit covers her well and allows for competition without fear of a wardrobe malfunction so we hope. The man is wearing speedo style briefs and appears to be athletic in build, although not as muscular as his female opponent. Both are wearing wrestling shoes, similar to those worn by high school and college wrestlers. As for the setting, the floor is laid with gym mats and doesn't appear to have any obstructions or outlying areas of concern to hinder a robust wrestling match.

There does not appear to be an audience. The wrestling style is a combination of collegiate mixed with freestyle, as both competitors struggle for superiority in either pinning or submitting the other. Each fall or round, however you want to call it has the wrestlers start either on their feet and catching each other to maneuver and hold or start in the "referee's position", which is common for high school and collegiate wrestling.

This match goes for 9 rounds and contains action that shows each is "in it to win it.

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Having looked at the video the first time reminded me of past wrestling matches against Marie, Sue, and Patty. Post a Mixed wrestling links. For those of you following this blog, you'll remember that I started getting my first taste of ladies who were into mixed or same gender wrestling and boxing back in the late 's many years before I had my first live match. Please note that I do not claim ownership of these photos. The companies represented in these photos are no longer in business. This group was operated out of the northeast by a young husband and wife and they had a building with a ring and chairs and offices.

Not only did they host matches and even film them, Jo Bray also taught girls and ladies how to wrestle and box. October 29, Let's face it -- for those of us who've been married for some time, a husband and wife will eventually wrestle each other recreational competition, working out, just for fun. In checking out YouTube recently, I came across several videos with the keywords "husband wife wrestling. One channel peaked my interest: madunbreakable.

This is a couple who have wrestled occasionally throughout their marriage, even while raising a family. They have two videos that are linked in this blog entry that showcase not only the fun and recreational benefits of wrestling, but to do so in a mutually enjoyable way. The first match was done 5 years ago and the setting was their living room. Both appear to have great skills and strength.

I wonder if she wrestled in high school or college. Mixed wrestling links match is just under 90 seconds, yet the action is robust. Husband v. February 02, It's amazing to see what's out on the web with regards to pictures shared on bulletin boards, social media sites, and networking groups. This blog post will feature photos with regards to mixed and female vs. As a reminder, these photos were found on the web and do not belong to me.

However, there will be narrative, as available, as to where these photos may have come from.

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Surprisingly, there are some ladies who compete in bra and matching panty ensembles. Many have said they appreciate the support during a match.

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This was the most popular attire for homestyle or other private venues. The above is from Catfight Haven and is from around when they were first founded. Founder is Renee, the lady with the super long hair. She has done a great job over the years in putting out a quality product. Another from Renee at Catfight Haven from back in the late 90's. Two ladies practic.

Mixed wrestling links

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