Misato x shinji

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By: nugar Written for Eva lemon contest 2, where it took fourth place. Asuka looks for a video hidden somewhere in Misato's apartment, and finds more than she bargained for. He had his entire game system, including extra controllers, stuffed inside, and it was heavy. Touji just shook his head. Well, we're here, and I want to get some three way Tokyo-2rismo racing action going on, so I guess we'll just have to put up with the bitch. Shinji shrugged. Asuka was likely to kick them all out, or grab a controller. A fresh burst of exuberant german followed, muted by the door. Probably running around like a fool, too.

She'll be so embarrassed, it'll be great! Get in there and camera! Dubiously, Shinji opened the door. Kensuke reluctantly let himself be propelled forward by Touji, his camera at the ready. With the door open, they could hear the higher notes of the music, and Asuka's singing came through that much clearer, though no more understandable, since it was in german.

They crept silently into the apartment, the small noises of their movement obscured by the music. Slowly, they came into view. Asuka was dressed in a long cream nightshirt with some obscure german phrase printed on it, prancing and bumping her hips in time with the music across the floor away from them. A pair of overturned chairs lay in the floor, with another sitting upright. Her hair was dark red and wet, and they could catch glimpses of the hairbrush she held in her hand like a microphone as she waved it to one side.

She bent over and flipped her hair forward wildly, bumping her butt twice to particularly Misato x shinji beats. Kensuke almost fancied he could set a sliver of white at the bottom edge of the long shirt. Distantly, Touji heard his friend murmur something about 'video'. She put one foot in the seat and the other on the top edge of the backrest, using her momentum to slowly tip the chair forward, hit the floor, and drop onto her knees. She saw them, and her happy, smiling face turned to one of total shock, her hairbrush falling from nerveless fingers. As the music changed, the sound of Shinji's 'Um, Asuka Asuka's face darkened like an oncoming storm as the intro to the next song surged.

The kraut's gonna go blitzkrieg! Kensuke bolted like a frightened rabbit, but Asuka seemed to have springs in her legs as she leaped from the floor. Touji and Shinji each dove to the side, clearing the path for Kensuke's escape, but it delayed him some seconds, and Asuka hit him in the back with a flying elbow as he tried to turn the corner and run down Misato x shinji corridor.

He barely got there in time, snatching the camera like a great basketball steal, but Asuka wasn't playing by those rules.

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She planted a foot in the center of Kensuke's back and lunged again, driving the breath from the helpless boy in an 'oof', and grabbing Touji by the waist. Touji laughed, staggering away and keeping his prize held out of reach. No biting, no biting! Shinji, standing just outside the door, watching the scene, reflexively caught the tossed camera.

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Spitting out a mouthful of Touji, Asuka threw him bodily to one side. I will kill you! Panicked, he threw the camera back to the only other person still standing. The camera sailed just over her head as Asuka hit him high, flipping him nearly onto his head. Surprised at suddenly having it again, he froze. Touji bolted for the open door to the apartment, darting in and closing it just in time for the latch to click before Asuka reached it, and the snick of the lock was a second following. Asuka pounded angrily on the door. Offnen sie die tur, arschloch! Asuka, it wasn't my idea!

If you don't open the damned door I'm going to call the police! Somewhere in the apartment, they could hear the music shut off. Let me in! A faint reply came back a moment later, as if from deep in the apartment. With the door locked, Asuka, Shinji, and Kensuke had little choice but to wait until Touji returned to the door. Finally, after five long minutes, Touji came back, but he didn't open Misato x shinji door, yet.

You still there? I know I can't get out of here without you catching me. I know you want the video back. I'm going to open the door. I have Kensuke's camera here with me.

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I just want you to know, the memory stick is not in the camera any more. I've hidden it somewhere in the apartment. I've hidden it really well, but you'll probably find it eventually. If you don't, maybe I have a chance to get it back. This way, we both get a chance to get the video, and Kensuke's camera doesn't get broken in the fight. Asuka stamped her foot angrily, her hands balled into fists. How do I know you're not just going to tell Shinji where it is so he can sneak it out? There was a long moment of silence behind the door. Then, finally, came a reply. Either you'd beat the information out of him, or he'd start feeling guilty and give it to you or something stupid like that.

Asuka glanced sharply at Shinji, who was awkwardly pretending he wasn't sneaking glances of her bare legs, but she didn't say anything. Asuka frowned, her eyes narrowing. Misato x shinji let you go today. I won't break Kensuke's camera. Now open the door. Touji hesitated.

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It's a deal. You know I'm going to make you pay for this, anyway. It doesn't have to be today. Asuka stood calmly outside as he unlocked and opened the door.

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She effectively filled the doorway as she walked forward, herding him back into the apartment. With Shinji and Kensuke standing nervously behind her, Asuka held her hand out silently. Touji obediently handed it to her. She calmly checked to see that the memory stick had indeed been removed, then handed it wordlessly to Kensuke behind her. Sitting on his back, she pulled off his shoes, gave them a quick check, and hurled them out into the hall, forcing the others to dodge hurriedly.

I don't have it! What do you think you're doing? Asuka let him up after she stood and checked his pants.

Misato x shinji

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