Military wife swapping

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How many of you have a bucket list, or something similar? If you are anything like me, there will be some you will complete, some you may never complete, and some that will happen, but only at the perfect time. One of the items on my bucket list is to go on a TV show -- maybe a game show or reality TV. I was thinking "The Price Is Right" would be the perfect one for me due to my unhealthy obsession with Plinko. What happened next was beyond bizarre. I instantly ran to Google him. He was legit.

They wanted to know about our religion, values, belief systems, what things really irk us. Good or bad, we made some sort of an impression, and they approved us for the next round of interviews!

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This round consisted of a more in depth application which I immediately filled out and returned, and a video interview. We were provided with a script to go off of, and let me tell you, this is probably where they make the decision because getting the entire family to do what you want them to is dang near impossible.

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After 47 attempts at getting daughter to say her name was nothing other than "Flower butterfly," and attempts at getting my family to work together we came up with this video. I was sure this would get us chosen! Or maybe not.

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Ultimately we were not cool enough for Wife Swap. Perhaps a polka dot afro will do the trick? As the Afghanistan government collapsed, writers on "United States of Al" were trying to help get their friends and families A Valley woman who is one of only seven known survivors of an all-African American military battalion that served Sendik's Food Market in Mequon is giving back to hundreds of veterans, sending around on their Stars and Families and friends visited Lower Manhattan in New York City to honor their loved ones twenty years after hijacked It's been a week since 13 U.

Spouse SpouseBuzz.

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Military wife swapping

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Navy wife swapping scandal: SC wants special team to probe case