Mgsv eli mission

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Once the game reaches its climax and Snake defeats Sahelanthropus, pieces of the story are tied up neatly. After Eli aka Liquid Snake and his merry band of troublemakers swipe the foot-mech from Mother Base with an assist from Psycho Mantis, the game sort of just forgets about them. So what gives?

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Kojima, legendary in the industry for taking his sweet time for finishing his games, was unceremoniously kicked out of Konami and the game was rushed to release before it was even finished. Fortunately for you and me, concept art of the mission exists, as well as some in-game footage. Armed with the English strain of the vocal cord parasites, the children create a buffer zone for themselves. Of course, Snake Mgsv eli mission sent in at the same time and he is tasked with covertly destroying the parasites, recovering Eli, and then getting the hell out of there before they bomb the island with napalm.

The jungle setting would have been a nice change of pace for the game, veering from the drab wastelands of Afghanistan and the uniform colors of West Africa. In the recovered files for the chapter, Snake manages to make his way to Sahelanthropus, only to find XOF already there and opening fire. Presumably, during this final encounter with Sahelanthropus and Eli, the strength of Mother Base and Diamond Dogs would have come into play.

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This would have added another dimension to the game, especially given that its main focus is on the strength of the bonds formed by soldiers. Once the fight is over, Snake approaches Eli in an attempt to extract him, but the XOF forces made it before him. In a battle haze Mgsv eli mission accidentally shoots Eli, forever fomenting the rivalry between the two and setting the boy on the path of Liquid Snake. The rest of the Diamond Dogs arrive and realize that Eli has indeed been contaminated by the parasites, meaning he has to be left to die.

Psycho Mantis, as he often does, appears out of nowhere and carries Eli to safety. In all, Chapter 51 would have been a nice addition to the game, but most importantly to the franchise. It sets up Liquid Snake as a villain who is hell-bent on taking revenge on Big Boss, and provides Big Boss with even further guilt to be wracked with. Kids rule, XOF drools The jungle setting would have been a nice change of pace for the game, veering from the drab wastelands of Afghanistan and the uniform colors of West Africa. The ending would have seen Sahelanthropus vs.

If you want to check out the full Chapter 51, you can do so here:.

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Mgsv eli mission

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