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She is loyal and fast, can get you from point A to point B with little to no issues, is upgradeable by way of armor and is just pretty to look at.

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Afterwards, Ocelot will come rescue you on horseback and some time will pass, eventually leading to you sitting on a beautiful white mare. Use D-Horse for stealth by hanging on the sidemoving quickly while shooting, an easier means to traverse mountains, or as practice for dropping supply drops on soldiers.

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You can also have her poop on the road to cause enemy vehicles to lose control we shit you not. Whatever purpose you choose for her, D-Horse is an invaluable addition to any soldier. Diamond Dog is probably the cutest member of the Diamond Dogs as a whole and is found relatively early in the game, as well.

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Once full grown, he can be taken out on Ops as your buddy. Since he has the ability to sniff out all living things in an area, he is perfect for stealth infiltration. Diamond Dog can also be used as a distraction in order to lure soldiers away from a point you just have to get to. Diamond Dog can also be really vicious with his ability to tear the throat out of an enemy. But, please do be careful if you decide to take Diamond Dog as your buddy. Mgsv all buddies is more than just her controversyshe is also a solid buddy that can really help out when the situation calls for it.

But, once you do have her, she can be used out on the field using the iDroid Buddy deployment menu. You can have her scope out a location from a safe distance, or set her to pick people off.

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The D-Walker is pretty much a miniature walking tank that can move at high speeds and has arms for hilariously violent melee action. The D-Walker can be used similarly to D-Horse, only with a lot more firing power.

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But once fully decked out you will be able to battle gunships head to head and storm even the most fortified bases. Those are the four buddies you can find during your travels in MGSV. They each have their own strengths and weakness and will prove useful throughout the campaign. No one buddy is better than any other so make sure to utilize and invest in them all. Connect with us.

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Mgsv all buddies

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