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May Posted by Dan Thurot. Meet Anna. Even my few negative reviews only exist because I really enjoy panning bad games. The thing is though, I really like both games in the Metro series. For the most part, they encourage thoughtful, even considerate, behavior. Not enlightened, but certainly not surprising of the society the game depicted, and it fits the general attitude that living in a haunted metro is probably pretty shitty. Everyone suffers alike in the Moscow Metro. These all fit into the game-world well Metro 2033 prostitute, and in fact highlight just how grimy this life is when a whorehouse is situated mere feet from regular residential shanties.

And again when your character forcefully hushes a prostitute, holding a hand over her mouth to keep her voice and struggling to a minimum. Unlike the first game, which had themes dealing with the value of life between enemies, challenging your expectations about others, and treating people in a generous manner, Last Light reduces its women to — pardon the word — a pair of tits.

Upon her rescue, she talks to you for all of one minute and then begs you to sex her. After all, the point has been made: Last Light encourages its players to Metro 2033 prostitute all life as valuable and to feel empathy and generosity for all beings — at one point you even receive moral points for showing empathy for a hulking monster by letting it escape right after conducting a massive battle against it.

And those are great themes for a game to have. Bookmark the permalink. I rather doubt this was the case here, though: it just seems like a disappointingly juvenile slip, i. Sorry for any confusion. These issues should be discussed but I find that the comment thre after such articles go to hyperbole and lead to nothing useful.

Pointing out these stupid decisions that make games sexist is great, in a calm manner. At least some games right now are trying, like Tomb Raider. Hope games generally continue to improve. Ahhh, yes. Saying it is sexist is fair enough. What gets me is that neither the brothel nor the love interest were necessarily bad ideas by themselves. Rather, she just grins and offers you some sexy-time. Metro: Last Light already struggles with wooden characters, and when it comes to women, the problem is ificantly compounded.

Sad day. I was really excited to see where things went with last light. But since the sexist undertones directly contradict the theme…. Well put, The Innocent. Could have been cool to have the tables turned, though, perhaps? Or not… Ha! Still a good game, but marred by these issues. Anna might as well be in a chainmail bikini. The Bolshoi can-can had a kind of madly grinning desperation to it, the glamour undermined by the grubbiness and the bargain-basement nature of the other acts where do they still find all these stockings 20 years Metro 2033 prostitute Moscow was vaporised?

I like your point about the nylon stockings, because other little things have bothered me too. A scene in which Artyom is offered a lap dance and it turns out the stripper is jaundiced and sickly and desperate, would have actually fed into the theme by becoming yet another sobering example of how far humanity has fallen and how desperately it needs redemption. Instead, some of Space-Biff!

Anna is taken hostage after being seriously wounded in an assault that nearly kills Artyom. To be fair, our bold anonymous poster has a point: when protagonist Artyom was captured after ten minutes of screen time, given no active role in his rescue, had unexpected gratitude sex with his savior in order to slip a nipple in there, and then conveniently disappeared from the story even though all the big heroic men were going off to war, it not only made perfect sense, but also contextualized the ly-problematic lap dance scene as subtle and appropriate. Unfortunately, it then implies by action that only men and mutants are really worthy of equal consideration.

Feel free to disagree, but actual discussion will take you much further than silly insults and assumptions. Another thing that dismayed me was the way that we are automatically expected to somehow feel positive towards Anna, enough to buy into sexy time scene. Because pretty-girl. Good points! Very much yes. Frankly I would have been less jarred by Pavel putting a hand on my knee than when Anna went goo-goo eyed at me, bearing in mind how much more we had been through and bonded over.

Any luck finding out what, if any, justification has been offered for the lapdance scene? DLC announcement just out too — Anna gets her very own side mission, apparently! So in the interests of balance, will her tale involve being dry-humped by a buff dude in a PVC posing pouch?

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What are you all a bunch of bible thumpers and sexists? When everyone is living in a Metro hiding from mutants is there no sex and nudity allowed? Venice is just one of those towns that had entertainment and a strip t. If everyone is so butt hurt over this then start telling off every strip t owner or any theater owner that has showgirls. Honestly I thought it was pretty cool that Venice had a theater and a strip t. There was a night life and entertainment.

Then the whole Anna thing. Honestly I knew from the get go that her and Artyom were goinv to hook up because if that was never an intention in the plot you would have been rolling out to get the Dark One with some dude with scars all over him.

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In a world where every single soldier is a male and where they protect women for the better of the human race there is no reason that you would meet a female sniper and go on a mission with her other than for Artyom and her to end up having feelings for eachother. You are just grabbing her and raping her. The two of them found comfort in eachother and decided to get it on.

Big deal. If Metro Last Light was a movie no one would be saying anything about sexism and nudity but since its a game everyone is complaining about it. You saw the rating on the box and whybit was rated that way just like a movie. If you have a movie you dont want to see or dont want your children to see because of the rating then you dont watch it.

Why is it that with video games no such concept applies and people end Metro 2033 prostitute making a blog about how every game on the planet needs to be made to E rating requirements. You saw the rating, you knew what you were getting yourself into, no its not sexist.

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Hi ACH, thanks for weighing in. I have no problem with prostitution being in the game. It is, as you say, realistic, and I value the attempt. Would you have still considered that sex scene appropriate given the circumstances? What if she was primarily characterized by being professional and capable, much like the other soldiers in the game, rather than by her sexual needs?

Would it have been fine for her to not have sex with Artyom? Would the love scene have still been appropriate in your eyes? Which is why I wrote a well-received five-part series explaining the themes of the original Metro Which it does not. Hey, I just stumbled onto your site after playing Last Light in order to catch up on the story, which after reading your synopsis seems very interesting and nuanced, that I missed out on in the original and after reading through your article and these comments I felt like I have Metro 2033 prostitute give my two cents.

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Admittedly my experience with prostitutes is non existent but I would imagine that a woman in that position, especially in a society like the one presented in the game, would be inured to such behaviour and would, perhaps, be able to use it to her advantage. If one was so inclined you could take that lack of fear as a of strength, or weary acceptance hidden behind a Metro 2033 prostitute facade, but either way it is up for interpretation.

The only problem I had with this article was the tone. It felt that you were saying that your interpretation was the only one. In regards to Anna, I found it somewhat ham handed in the way they handled the relationship between her and Artoym. There did seem to be a lack of development between the two but that has to be understood within the limits of the medium. It really does take a game like Bioshock Infinite or The Last of US, a game where you spend a ificant amount of time with the other character in order to have a believable relationship of any kind.

Your problems with the tutorial portion of the game is in the same vein. It was strained and forced but necessary for the both the narrative and new comers. Forgetting for a second that this is fiction, would you level it at a real woman?

By check list I mean certain things have to be presented in a certain way, either in order to avoid offence or to appeal to a larger audience, in order for something to be considered brilliant or well done. Anyway, I have enjoyed your site and I really appreciated your synopsis of Metro Metro Last Light, a game based loosely on a novel Metro My first problem is that you seem to be trying to implement your own beliefs of your culture onto another country, a country with there own culture, this is the very definition of Ignorance.

But i digress. As you have mentioned, it could easily and plausibly be imagined that in a situation like this, roles come to play that have not been needed for centuries. To Metro 2033 prostitute a populous growing, women are needed. Just like in times of past, it was very VERY rare to find women who were taught the art of fighting. Why is it so strange here?

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Anna- Of course Anna was a love interest, Last Light deviated from the book,and changed the story, what else would she be added for, they wanted a way for Artoym to continue his linage, more than likely for a squeal. This is because of Artoym walking through changing rooms to get around? But please let me go back to comparing the metro setting to Medievil settings. What was the most popular business for women back then? This article once again proves that when Sexism is brought to the table, people put there culture first, and never bother looking at the culture they are criticising so heavily, you never see Feminists lobbying for change in the middle east, or East Europe.

Its always there back yard they want to change. Entertainment for months! First, the strippers are a drop of water in the ocean of women you can find in both Metro games, almost all of them as much dressed, desperate and pitiful as men are, in that harsh post-apocalyptic world. A lot of games are worthy of such criticisms. Not that one, period. Answer: a sexist one. It also means you score a zero for reading comprehension and empathy, period. Implying that this very fact alone already is sexist.

No reasonable mind knows. He did. And this opening set the tone for the entire article afterward and incite to distrust. No way. I see you coming. Indeed, I get the point. These women are sex workers, met on their field, at their work. To be convinced of that, Metro 2033 prostitute should consider a trip to the Netherlands, to see by yourself how things really are in such a world.

The author makes his character enter what is probably the only strip club underneath, and is shocked to see naked women walking around. Man, it have to be sexism. No more, no less. The way it happen is violent? Metro 2033 prostitute Metro universe is violent, people struggle to survive in a near-lawless world, where might is right.

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