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This morning at V Joseline was dancing in the studio. Joseline and Stevie J. I had a blast with all of them co-hosting the morning show!

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It appears that the sometimes unreliable MediaTakeout. She is the same way off camera as she is on camera. Would you have your 3 year old around her? MStarsNews: Would you take legal action so she stays away from your daughter? I just got to be real with myself.

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Do I want her around my daughter? Absolutely not.

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Does it happen? I should also point out that the photo with Kandi Burruss added fuel to another rumor circulating online that Joseline and Stevie J are ing The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

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Though we have no definitive answers on either of the rumors, we do know one thing: Stevie J and Joseline are absolute professionals at the media game! Kandi posted the photo above on her Facebook fan along with this lengthy description: This morning at V Joseline was dancing in the studio.

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Mediatakeout joseline hernandez

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