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Your contribution to this country does not go unnoticed. Also thanks to police and firemen, and the great veterans who have sacrificed so much for us. Happy Memorial Day everyone. Two guys, two choices. Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes.

Make your choices. Interesting question but I feel like most of you already know the answer. He will have the hottest belly bulge once I dive into his sexy body. Thanks for the ask. So he gets me in his gut every other day. I love inanimate tf tho so always a chance. Oh most definitely although I think JB has a crush on him so it might be bitter sweet. But Justin has what it takes to vore and digest anyone who dares cross him. I just hope one day I cross paths with him haha.

Originally posted by bocamedis. Hey always down for new friends, especially when there huge fans of the almighty hot Justin. Aka my bf haha. Go follow this new vore bloggers two s, he has some really awww content. When you arrived, the guys were all in their comfortable clothes getting a head start on Male vore stories drinking games - your typical frat games like pong, flip cup, etc. Most of the guys wore sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a variety of sneakers ranging from well worn athletic type to much more maintained fashionable ones.

You also found it strange that there seemed to be nobody from outside the frat there, but figured maybe you were just early. As you shyly walked deeper into the unfamiliar frat house, you get the strange sensation like eyes are locking on you as you pass, only to quickly look away before you can notice. As you examine the room, nothing seems strange. Just a bunch of super attractive college frat guys playing drinking games while consuming an exorbitant amount of cheap beer. Suddenly, you feel a firm hand on your shoulder.

You turn around Male vore stories see Ryan, the guy who invited you here. His eyes were only partially open, a little bloodshot, and he had trouble standing, but somehow he still had a handsome look about him. He clearly already was several beers and a few hits on a t in. They all take their turns casually saying hi.

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This is all new to me, so I figured what the heck, drink up and get the party going. Wanting to impress you new friends, you decided to chug the full glass and crunch the cup in your hand. The guys look stunned and shocked as you do this. Their jaws dropped, they looked around at each other and began mumbling things to one another.

You wanted a reaction from them, but this seemed to be a bit of an overreaction for just chugging one beer to be honest. Before you could think much more, your stomach feels a sharp stabbing pain and you keel over. You feel like you are going to be sick.

Your body gets tingly all over, the same feeling when your leg falls asleep but everywhere. Your vision gets wobbly and dark. There is a ringing in your ear and then suddenly - black. When you open your eyes, thankfully the pain and tingling is Male vore stories. You see these massive multi-colored things roughly the size of cars moving around you. If you were being honest, it looked like legs leading down to a sneaker but at that size? It just makes no sense. You begin to panic and want to run, but you look up and you see them all - all 10 of them - have you surrounded and are looking down at you.

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You hear the guys talking with each other. I thought this was just a simple prank where we make him just, like, chest height for a while so we could tease him a little. This is way more than that! The guys seem to be a bit concerned. He knows too much now - besides, he is too small to take the reverse pill now anyway! Chill, bros. See, you are seeing this as a bad thing.

Where as I, see this as an opportunity. Dudes, we have our own tiny pet!

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The game starts and the guys all take their turns obeying the various rules and taking their respective turns drinking as the game dictates. You see guys staring at you at various points of the game. His palms are soft, slightly moist, and his finger nails were well-trimmed and clean. His fist closes around you. He slowly pulls you down from the table, and holds you a moment on his lap.

Then, acting as if he had an itch, he lowers you down to his grey high-top old skool Vans and slips you into the sneaker, pressed up against his black dri-fit socks and the interior fabric of the sneaker. Austin wore these sneakers all day and every day, so they had definitely been worn in.

That was very obvious to you based on the smell, moisture, and heat inside Male vore stories the sneaker. You could barely breathe, and even when you could, it was filled with the 20 year old frat guys foot stench. The guys go about their game, almost forgetting for a while the whole reason they started playing in the first place. They clearly have not noticed that you are no longer on the table. You are able to use that to hoist yourself up and out of the sneaker. Finally, fresh air. You hear the commotion of the game above you, and you look around to see 10 pairs of sneakered feet.

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Nike Air Max. New Balance s. Nike running shoes. Black low-top old skool vans. All except for Austin who thinks you are safely in his sneaker. Finally, one of the guys peers under the table, locks eyes on you, and smirks. He gets up and you hear whispering from the guys. The guys all return to their seats, but one by one they kick off their sneakers revealing their socked feet. Black dri fit, white dri-fit, low socks, high socks, clean socks, dirty socks, each guy had a different sock and different condition from the last.

Once all of the guys had their shoes removed, they began to bring them in towards you. You found yourself in the center as these massive college socked feet close in. The heat, moisture, and smell begins to hit you. Suddenly, you have 10 pairs of feet each rubbing over you. You are passed around from foot to foot, rolled and pressed into each socked sole. The guys laugh as they feel you under their rank feet, and they just go about their game. This goes on for quite a while, and the guys get increasingly more drunk. Finally, the feet retract.

You think they are finally done tormenting you, but you see that it Male vore stories about to get worse.

Male vore stories

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