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A Snow Elf race mod. It adds a new playable Snow Elf race, overhauls Gelebor and Vyrthur, introduces optional Snow Elf followers to the game, and adds craftable Ancient Falmer weapons to the leveled lists and world. I listed all of the mod authors whose work I modified or borrowed from below, and again at the bottom of the mod description.

Reuplo Lastly, for the sake of the mod authors whose work my mod is a derivative of, you absolutely CANNOT re this mod, here on the Nexus or anywhere else on the internet. Patches You may make patches for this mod. Feel free to let me know you've made a patch so I can it in the download's section.

File information Last updated 26 September PM. Original 24 October AM. ed by Redshiftja. Virus scan Safe to use. Tag this mod. About this mod A Snow Elf race mod. Donation Points system This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. Both straight donations and premium membership donations accepted Donate Donate premium membership.

Their skills are weighted towards spellsword or witchhunter type characters. It works kinda like a shotgun blast - the spikes spread out the farther they travel, and are more effective when at close range where all three can hit - Castigate - burn undead with concentrated sunfire, dealing half damage to nearby undead - Smite - unleash a blast of sunfire magic to briefly stun an undead foe, Male snow elf it aflame, and cause Male snow elf to flee for 10 seconds while taking lingering sunfire damage.

If you somehow truly can't find it which I find hard to believethen there's nothing else I can do to help you. Valrysa is a young Falmer, born less than a century ago. Growing up, she honed her innate, natural skills with magic, melting and shattering her foes with a deadly mix of destructive sorcery and brutal close combat. Life beneath the earth is a precarious one, with monsters lurking in every shadow. Many times has an over the head swing with her trusty mace saved her life in close combat when her spells proved too slow to cast.

Once, however, a feral Falmer slashed through her guard and across her cheek, leaving a scar that she now hides carefully with her platinum blonde hair. Ever since then, Valrysa became determined to perfect her skills with her magic and her mace, Male snow elf is never content with settling for second best. Valrysa had never seen or felt the light of the sun upon her skin until she stepped out into the surface world. Spurred onward by her youthful pride and a lust for action and adventure, Valrysa was eager to venture forth into Skyrim and leave her mark on the history books in the land her ancestors once called home.

Valrysa is skilled in magical ranged combat, and isn't afraid to enter a bloody melee with her frost-enchanted Ivory Glass mace, Leyaser. Ashian is a truly ancient Falmer. Having witnessed and survived both the Atmoran Conquests of Skyrim and his people's enslavement by the Dwemer, Ashian has seen all that the world could offer - for better or for worse. He carries with him the horrors he saw and committed in his long life, knowing that they will forever haunt him for as long as he lived. But those memories have not stopped him from living. In the centuries he spent underground, he grew accustomed to that neigh fruitless, brutal life.

After being hunted for so long by both his devolved brethren and the Dwemer machines that patrol Skyrim's underworld he learned how to hunt them, and became exceptionally skilled at stalking unseen and loosing magical arrows from the darkness. When Ashian emerged unto the outside world, he was filled with great relief.

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After all he had seen and all that he had done, he was finally glad that he could put that darkness behind him and start anew. Although he looks forward to brighter, sunnier days, he has no qualms with plunging back into the darkness beneath the earth to slay the monsters that had tormented him and his people for so long. Ashian wields the ancient Ivory Glass witch-hunting bow, Leshasea, and prefers to strike from a distance. I have no idea how to make either of those, and as it stands, I'm far too busy IRL to learn how. Eventually, I would like to have add more depth to these followers.

I originally wanted Ashian to be a Male snow elf, who summons Atronachs and uses Illusion spells against enemies. Unfortunately NPC's don't cast these kinds of spells on their own This is a bug that all custom followers have. You will need to remove the bow from his inventory, or he won't use his own weapons.

You only need to do this once. I can't fix this without breaking every follower mod out there, so manually removing that stupid Hunting Bow from his inventory ingame is the only way around this bug thanks Bethesda. If you are using another NPC replacer that makes ANY changes to Gelebor and Vyrthur, make sure you load this mod after it or overwrite it in both the left and right panes of Mod Organizer or their faces will not look like what they are supposed to. I recommend that you use a face texture mod that is compatible with Demoniac Skin which is what snow elves usesuch as Mature Female Textures.

Thus, they will be incompatible with the vanilla beards. Without EEO, your male snow elf's beard will clip through his face! I can make compatibility patches upon request. As far as I know, this mod is incompatible with Requiem and other combat overhauls I am not interested in rewriting and re balancing my entire mod just to make it work with Requiem, so please don't ask me to I did include the.

So feel free to make patches for your favorite overhauls. Please PM me if you've made any patches so I can add it to this mod's optional downlo. Male snow elf try installing it again. Due to permission restrictions, several assets were moved to a separate file in order to allow my mod to opt-in for donation points.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Load it after The Timelost Dwemer. See the image below: Spoiler: Show. If you want to use this feature, you must download it there. Because this plugin replaces ALL playable vampire lord females with SNOW ELF females, you will look like a snow elf if you are playing a dark elf vampire lord, or a nord vampire lord, or a khajiit vampire lord, etc.

Both plugins edit the same vampire lord race, and will have irreconcilable conflicts.

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More info on that below. Make sure that Better Vampires. This will prevent you from leveling up your Vampirism, casting certain Vampire abilities, and other problems that will give you headaches. Make sure that RaceCompatibility overwrites Better Vampires in the Left Pane as seen in the picture aboveor your vampire mod won't use RaceCompatibility's vampire scripts. If you don't do this, vampirism won't even work.

Make sure that Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim. Make sure that Sacrosanct overwrites RaceCompatibility in the Left Pane as seen in the picture aboveor Sacrosanct will not work. I aim to provide updates and bugfixes for this mod when I am able. These updates should not break your save, however, there are some steps you should take to make sure your character's traits are updated properly. Standard Updating Procedure This is the standard updating procedure for 1.

Make any changes you want you don't need to and press R to save and finish - You should see on the top left of your screen: "Ancient Falmer perks and spells have been added successfully. If you are updating from any version lower than 1. If you are using the RaceMenu mod or ECE, I suggest that you save a character preset of your current character before continuing - Change your character's race to any other race - Press R and confirm your changes, and return to the game.

You should see the message at the top left of the screen: Male snow elf Falmer perks and spells have been removed successfully" - Open the console a second time, and enter RaceMenu again - Change your character back to a Snow Elf, load your the character preset you saved - Press R and confirm your changes, and return to the game. You should see a message on the top left of your screen: "Ancient Falmer perks and spells have been added successfully.

These skin tones aren't lore friendly, they break my immersion, peepee poopoo skin tone bad etc If my falmer skin tones are not to your liking, you can change them by replacing my mod's textures. Instructions on how to do this are under the Customization section of the mod description.

My game is crashing on start! Spoiler: Show. You are most likely missing a requirement. Read through the installation guide again and make sure you installed every requirement needed Male snow elf the mod to function. If you installed any plugins or patches, you must make sure their requirements are installed, too.

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See the Load Order section of the Installation guide for instructions. If you have the Snow Elf SOS Plugin installed, and your Snow Elf males still have holes in their crotches, you may need to manually-apply their schlongs. Make sure to apply the Snow Elf schlong. The snow elf female textures are only compatible with Curvy body presets. If you are using a Slim body preset, snow elf females will look odd. You can replace their textures with your Slim body textures if you want by following the Customization guide above. This mod uses Nuska's elven headmorphs, which are incompatible with vanilla beards.

Yes, if you install Race Compatibility Dialogue. If the patch requires me to rebalance every item, NPC, spell, or race added by my mod, that's definitely going to be a no. Feel free to make your own patches, though. Old Changelogs: Spoiler: Show. I fixed my perk application script to actually do this. I did this because I kept getting melted by fire mages and dragons, and I figured that since fighting dragons is pretty central to the game's main quest, you shouldn't get one-shotted Male snow elf them for being a snow elf.

In updates, I gave him the same resistances and abilities that Snow Elf players have. But, I made the book anyway.

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Ivory Glass Armor should work, now. Prior to this enchanted Ivory Glass weapons found in the world had no charges, and thus were essentially just unenchanted weapons. Her hair was missing some headparts.

Male snow elf

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