Machine elf kol

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Thread starter Fluxxdog Start date Dec 1, Fluxxdog Active member. Unknown item found: machine elf capsulemachine elf capsule machelfcapsule. Unknown item found: self-dribbling basketballself-dribbling basketball sdbasketball. Unknown item found: abstraction: actionabstraction: action abs1. Unknown item found: abstraction: categoryUnknown item found: abstraction: purposeabstraction: purpose abs4. Unknown item found: Deep Machine Tunnels snowglobeDeep Machine Tunnels snowglobe dmtglobe. Adding new location: The Deep Machine Tunnels - adventure. Last edited: Dec 2, Bale Minion.

You should copy that data from the session log, not the CLI. Could you edit your post with stuff you copy from your session log? Screw me sideways, I forgot about that. Give me a bit. EDIT: And done. Now for the chocolates. Sorry about that! I always forget about the CLI vs.

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I get this message: Code:. Froginald clucks his tongue and time starts passing again. This makes you realize that no time had passed while you were fighting that weird monster. Thanks for fixing all that. Fluxxdog said:. Screw me sideways. Click to expand Stat gains are intentionally not shown in these fights.

Since that isn't shown, the best we can do is use charpane. Showing substat progress is optional, but full base stats are always there at least. Looks like that requires parsing stat values in CharPaneRequest.

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The hard part is parsing it with all of the available charpane options. Choice adventure from logs: Code:. As you draw near, it howls an impossible benediction. You try to remember the benediction, but your memories are red dodecahedrons. You are desperate to appease the a pyramid, but you can only sing. You sing. Bright, flickering white extrudes from your soul.

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The door opens. All ways. Update: Not all the turns are free. Didn't think they would be, I only got 5. Likely a daily limit. Updated update: There are monster names, but like the hobos, they have patterns.

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From the CLI: Code:. New monster found in Manuel with name 'Thinker of Thoughts' image 'blank. Init: P: weird' New monster found in Manuel with name 'Performer of Actions' image 'blank. Init: P: weird' New monster found in Manuel with name 'Perceiver of Sensations' image 'blank. Init: P: weird'. Found a way to differentiate between the 3 different monsters. Cross checking with MM entries, I've narrowed it down to identify each monster. Not sure about HP. This is an Underground area, planted a Horn of Plenty.

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Got the choice adventure again, and still only had choices 1, 3, 4, and 6. Chose 3 this time and received: Code:.

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You do not need to use the globe to get into the tunnels. You can adventure as much as you like as long as the Machine Elf is your familiar. Using the globe just gives an effect that lets you adventure there, like the transporter transponder. Clarification requested. I'm not entirely certain I understood that. I think you said that you can adventure in the tunnels if you fulfill at least one of the following two conditions: Use a snowglobe which gives 57 turns of an effect called, "Inside The Snowglobe.

Have the Machine Elf as active familiar. This does not require the use of a snowglobe. I believe Machine elf kol also read someone post that adventures in this location do not use turns? Or does that only happen if you have "Inside The Snowglobe" and have the Machine Elf as familiar at the same time?

You don't use the snowglobe if you have the Machine Elf as your familiar because you, and I'm paraphrasing here, already knew where it was. Last item for the night. Laserrobotics Member. Choice 4 le to an adventure that appears to let you duplicate any one consumable item food, booze, potions, etc. I didn't want to use up the only chance, so i took the leave option, but here's the block for that adventure. Darzil Developer. Added items, thanks, Fluxx.

Added recognising monsters by their images.

Machine elf kol

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