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Hopper, Dustin. We had a horrible experience; our first and last time there. We walked down a long hall way which was very dim and the place looked like it hadnt been renovated since the 70s. The main theater room was filled with guys, which was weird to begin with.

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About 8 guys in a room watching a porn together. The only girl there was mine. We went in a purposely sat in a seat far away from others. There was a creepy old man about 6 seats down who locked eyes on us from the second we arrived and never stopped. Once we sat down it seems everyone in the room quickly changed seats to get either beside, in front, or behind us. One tall black guy really gave us the creeps by leaning between the chairs and asking us what we had going on tonight. That was the final straw.

We got up and left. Walking back to the theater was very dark and musty smelling. I do not recommend going to this place at all. Especially if youre taking a girl there, even if she is adventurous. Apparently the clientele there tonight had never seen a girl. We went there to enjoy a fun adult film together and had never been made to feel so uncomfortable. We will never return and will Lido theatre dallas everyone about our experience. Oh btw, after we came down stairs I told the front desk guy about how uncomfortable the other patrons had made us feel and asked for our money back and he refused.

In fact if wed got our money back we may have came back and tried it again. But I refuse to do business with a place who lacks customer service of their level. We were there for no more then five minutes. It seems like that would have been the least that could have been done to try to retain a repeat customer.

Biz Wiz. Well i am writing this review in hopes to help warn people about this place, me and my gf wanted to try something new to spice up our sex life and we chose to visit this theater because of the reviews we read. Wow what a mistake that was. As soon as we went upstairs we had to pass through all the private rooms and creepy men standing outside each door to get to the theater room. Lido theatre dallas we saw was a couple of couches with people sitting around talking, The word theater should not be used to describe the room as it was far from that. So if you are looking for a nice place dont go here because you will be disappointed.

Condoms and what appeared to be semen covered the floormaking it impossible to even feel a bit comfortable. The whole time we were in this place everyone was looking at us the whole time like we were fresh meat on the cell block Jessica Cantrell.

Tonight is Saturday October 1st me and my boyfriend. Went there with my hubby a few weekends ago and we liked it. Ill admit i was a bit nervous at first but my other half kept insisting we go so i finally went and was relieved to find the the employees seemed carefree normal people. The lobby areas were nice enjoyed the Tvs and bathrooms were nice and we met some great couples. Lets just say i was impressed and i was glad they had an onsite ATM machine plus a soda and snack machine. I frequent Lido over the weekends usually Saterdays sometimes Fridays and Wednesdays.

LOVE this place. Employees are helpful. And there security makes Lido theatre dallas feel safe in the parking lots. THey dont take kindly to females being harassed and I think this is great helps them open up more if you know what Im saying ; Always plenty of excitement. I noticed they just had all the floors cleaned in the private rooms professionally and did some maintenance repairs making this place seem like new.

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O yea and they finally brought the arcade games back upstairs with new tvs I just wish the theater tickets lasted longer than 8 hrs. Also has a great selection of toys and movies for sale and rent. Best prices ive found in dallas. Teri Morris. We watched at least 7 couples get up and leave theater before us I thought that what downstairs was for.

I felt extremely uncomfortable and wasnt about to play even with my husband. Tammie XXX. Ive been here twice before with friends. Started in the main theater the first time. Got the attention of a couple of guys I was interested in playing with and another guy who looked homeless. Me And my friend went to a private room with the guys I wanted to play with. We had our fun for a couple of hours and left. Second visit was planned more in advance and I had the s for guys Id met before. We went straight into the private room. Those friends Lido theatre dallas a couple other guys and all went well except for people knocking on the door who werent invited to our group.

I am planning another trip to Dallas soon and hoping for some more sexy chocolate to play with. I went to Lidos for the first time this past week end. Lido theatre dallas was really nervous cuz it was my first time since Im from Lubbock, but my boyfriend has been before. I had a good time saw a lot of different things experienced something new Like having sex with two different couples in the room.

He wanted me to be with a female while he was with me. Im sad to say it didnt happen, because i really wanted to make him happy. But Im sure the next time Im in Dallas we will go again and hopefully this time we can make it happen. Great experience. Ausements and Parks. About Romantic places. Photos 6. BI Biz Wiz Well i am writing this review in hopes to help warn people about this place, me and my gf wanted to try something new to spice up our sex life and we chose to visit this theater because of the reviews we read.

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Lido theatre dallas

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