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Gain full access to resources events, white paper, webinars, reports, etc Single -on to all Informa products. For all the imprecations whispered about Lana Beniko--along with the simple fact that she was a Sith Lord--she was rather stubbornly proving to be the ally of my goody-two-shoed Jedi Consular. SWTORas a persistent world that is constantly expanding, badly needed some narrative evolution, some sense that it would grow up with the rest of Star Wars.

The story over the last few expansions does just that, making the Sith Empire more believable and its evil more subtle and human rather than the comically macho escapades of burly men with mechanically altered voices. Lana Beniko, a Sith Lord who helps you unravel a frightening plot by her own Emperor, is a ruthless pragmatist but not a mustache twirling villain. She provides a portrait of the curious idealism Lana beniko hot can lead to support for authoritarianism--a lesson we perhaps need now more than ever--and how that idealism can be bent back towards nobler purposes. The decision by Bioware Austin to bring back KotOR protagonist Revan in some fashion was criticized in some corners as wanton and unnecessary, but bring him back they did.

He emerges as a threat to both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, somehow resurrected, and leading a new army of loyalists from both nations on a new crusade. Lana Beniko, a Sith Lord, teams up with Theron Shan, a Republic secret service agent, as both go rogue from their respective governments to root out the traitors who are aligning with Revan and sabotaging their nations from within. The Sith Emperor himself, on a neverending quest for immortality, uses Revan to reinvigorate his essence.

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The Emperor is now unleashed on the galaxy, to satiate his bottomless hunger. For Beniko, this is a nightmare on every conceivable level; you slowly learn that she has no taste for dark side ideologues, nor for their myriad ego-driven abuses and vainglorious posturing. She clings to a belief that a better, more ethical Empire is possible.

Instead, its emperor abdicates in the worst way.

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His first target is none other than an Imperial planet, Ziost. If you fight for the Republic, she hardly cares; she needs your skills to save people. In the end, while you meet with some success, the Emperor reaches a new summit of power and consumes all life on Ziost, leaving it a lifeless, ashen ruin. Bioware does three interesting things here. In each case, what you come to realize is that the Sith Empire is a nation with real people in it, rather than cartoon characters.

However misguided Imperial citizens might be, all should be able to sympathize with what happened to them at this literal apotheosis of fascism. Lana Beniko is the primary point of empathy, someone who helps you realize why this nation of Dark Lords exists in the first place, helping you realize that it is a nation made up of people. Yet she willingly served a fundamentally monstrous, authoritarian regime. That support is tested over successive expansions. She rises to become Sith Minister of Intelligence, only to fall from grace when the Eternal Empire of Zakuul invaded the galaxy, subjugating both the Sith and the Republic alike.

She quit the Sith Empire entirely and went solo, looking for a way to rescue your character from Zakuul. But old habits die hard; her advice often tends towards the ruthless, and pragmatism in her hands is a terribly cold Lana beniko hot.

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Trusting no one, denying second chances, restricting freedom, slipping into a chilly utilitarianism--as she did when she wanted to experiment on a fallen Jedi to discover how the renegade Sith Lana beniko hot had controlled her. Behind her severe features is a calculating mind, struggling with her own instinct to sympathy. It makes for a fascinating character, one who in her own way tries to atone for the evils caused by her acquiescence while still trying to hold on to her faith in the ways of the Sith. She strives to find something virtuous and redemptive in the dark side, so much so that she is no Sith by the reckoning of some of her contemporaries.

She does not bathe in terror, but she did efficiently manage institutions that carried it out. She is a perfect portrait of an imperfect, morally troubled woman who manages to emerge as a fully realized human because she is so believably compromised. She is neither the perfect Madonna nor the fell Whore that bedevil so many female characters throughout all media.

She is dark, debatable, and troubling, as all true sinners must be. Where Bioware takes her next will undoubtedly be interesting, and she dovetails nicely with the new, reform minded leader of the Sith Empire, Empress Acina. She too is a pragmatist who abhors blatant terror and recognizes that Force-choking competent subordinates every time you feel mildly annoyed is not the most ideal way to run a government.

What links so many of these SWTOR expansions is that Bioware has been exploring what lay beyond the extremes of light and dark. You meet many Force-using heroes who exist outside the strictures of the Jedi and Sith codes. Lana Beniko, morally compromised as Lana beniko hot is in every direction, is a neat fit in this world where barriers are breaking down and all that is solid is melting into air.

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Lana beniko hot

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