Kosuna desert punk

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The Great Kanto Desert is a miserable place with temperatures that soar to unbelievable levels during the day and drop below freezing at night. But it wasn't always this way. It once was inhabited by the greatest of civilizations, but those people fell due to their own wickedness. The few remaining survivors still haven't learned their lesson. Without law and order, bandits and madmen roam the sands, seeking any treasure or form of power.

When a wealthy family has the key to a valuable treasure stolen from them they enlist the services of Desert Punkthe greatest treasure hunter, debt collector, and handyman the desert has to offer. He's never once failed to complete a mission, and he doesn't intend to begin now. However, a beautiful, voluptuous woman named Junko has other ideas. Desert Punk 's greatest enemy might be his own hormones!

The Great Kanto Desert. One hundred twenty degrees in the shade, below freezing at night. Inside this wasteland roams Desert Punk, a deceptively small but agile -- almost mystical -- mercenary. He'll do anything for money Today both are on the line, as Desert Punk tears apart the merciless Kawazu Gang. But little does he know there is a plan going on behind the scenes -- a little bait-and-switch.

When Desert Punk butts he with another mercenary in the desert, things don't seem too amiss, especially since he's not gaining any of his precious territory. But when he discovers that this same merc, otherwise known as the fierce Rain Spider, are after the same guy, tempers begin to boil. With egos like these, who knows what'll happen. Could a battle to end all battles be right around the corner? Junko pays Desert Punk a visit and offers him a very lucrative job. It just so happens that he's in serious debt, so he takes the offer though Junko's "assets" do play into his decision.

However Junko leaves out a few small bits of information. Not only will he have to work alongside the dog-eyed Machinegun Brothers, but they'll all have to face the most powerful force in the entire desert Fire Dragon Kong.

Having banked on his last gig, Desert Punk went and splurged, blowing all of his dough on the newest and best equipment money can buy. He's a revamped Desert Punk! But when he tries to get his first practice round in with his sweet M40, recently named Alice, a little somebody decides to run in on his parade. The Shimmer Sniper hunts his prey through the desert, day and night - and now he has a new, high-profile target. But something's not right! Desert Punk realizes that sometimes trusting your instincts can lead you astray.

Desert Punk has been hired to protect Reclaimed Village No. They know they're doomed if the villainous Edo River Gang runs them out of town as soon as they strike water. But who else can they turn to, much less who else will take the job? When Desert Punk's excessive behavior turns some of his protectees mad, all hell breaks loose. Is he really milking them for all they're worth, or is he just waiting for the perfect moment to give them the wham-bam-thank you-ma'am they've all been waiting for? The only place Kosuna desert punk le him to is the middle of the desert.

Stranded and stuck with the rat-bastard Kosuna desert punk, death is only an earshot away with only enough supplies to last a couple days. Revenge and the chance of ramming Mariko keep his spirits alive, as Desert Punk traverses the endless sands to his final, humiliating destiny. Still feeling the negative effects of being saved by the Machinegun Brothers, Desert Punk makes it into his hometown to a less than warm reception.

Things are looking brighter though as he has a young new apprentice to take advantage of. But will Kosuna be up to the task of becoming a mercenary or will she send Desert Punk's reputation further down the tubes? The Inumeiwa Rock is cursed, so the legends of the desert go. And just what exactly do you do with a cursed stone? Have it blown to smithereens! The only problem is that the curse seems like it might be real.

When Desert Punk and Kosuna take the job, they have to find out first hand that a curse is only a curse if bad things start happening to you Every last thing that can go wrong, does go wrong.

Sometimes twice. When Junko comes around shaking her tail feathers and promising a ten million yen reward, Desert Punk can't resist. Punk and his faithful apprentice head off across the Kanto Desert with Junko and the old treasure hunter Kaizuka -- a desolate city awaits! But, deep within the depths of the ruins, a menacing sentinel awaits.

Can Punk handle this dangerous spirit of the ages? Or will they the other souls in the Treasure Hunter's graveyard? Ghost towns dot Kanto's great desert landscape.

They contain valuable natural resources and priceless artifacts that were left behind, a mound of goods as proof of life. Each ghost town, named after the individual that finds it first, gets bragging rights and an unsaid pride for conquering the unknown. And the most legendary treasure hunter of them all has hired Desert Punk to help him retrieve a fortune that escaped him ten years before.

But a seemingly unknown creature is guarding this treasure Kosuna desert punk may get in the way of promised cash. Just what is this treasure hunter's real goal After being double-crossed by Junko, Desert Punk takes her prisoner and stashes her away in a totally top-secret desert hideout. After much apprehension, the situations starts looking like a nice little getaway, but when Junko finds out about Desert Punk's real plan things get heated. But there's more to it than just knocking her up!

In her anger, Junko did some knockin' herself, right into Punk's noggin - so much that he can't even remember the code to let them out. Trapped inside of a tin can and suffering from a mild case of amnesia, death may be a sure thing for our hero.

Go figure. The legendary Night Mist Shimada and his professional team of kidnappers get their hands on a young girl who comes with a huge price tag. Legend, schmegend Desert Punk's been hired by her Father to get the job done, and that's exactly what he and Kosuna plan on doing.

But this ferocious bitchy Kosuna desert punk turd turns out to be more of a handful than our hero would like, and with Night Mist right on his ass, escape doesn't come easy. When Desert Punk and Kosuna come across a pair of lost children in the desert, they do what comes natural And when they save the life of a do-good fellow named Stryker, Desert Punk quickly whips up a great scheme to get even more money out of this.

Now that he's got Stryker's John Hancock on an official IOU, nothing will stand in Desert Punk's way of scoring tons of dough--until a gang of creeps come and mess it all up. It's a dog eat dog world. When Kosuna has a near-death brush with an enemy mercenary, she sets out to arm herself to the teeth!

But at fourteen she still has a lot of training to do and never mind a little growing up!

Rest assured, a wise old, arms dealer teaches her a thing or two about Desert Punk and the ways of survival in the Great Kanto Desert. Kosuna desert punk a hard knock life. Talk about a blast from the past, hello Natsuko! This hot desert beauty doesn't mess around either! Speaking of messes, hopefully Desert Punk does make one or get into one for that matter. But that's just wishful stinking! When Natsuko demands her older halfwit siblings, the Machinegun Brothers, and Desert Punk go on a very important mission, they get more than what they've bargained for And while the boys are busy complaining about their load of rotten funk, an old enemy waits in the wings, ready for his attack.

But during an ambush, Desert Punk notices something odd, something strange As Natsuko continues to hide the details about their horrifyingly-stanktastic job, Desert Punk uses his unorthodox techniques to get information about the load they're trucking around. Not only is it a weapon of mass destruction, but it's something anyone in this world would kill to have.

And that's just what starts to happen when Rain Spider's men attack. But good ol' Desert Punk has another trick up his sleeve. The only problem is that it might just kill every last one of them. Oh, well!

Kosuna desert punk

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