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After getting dressed and finding the book, Max finds Kate in her room, sat in the dark and crying.

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It's made clear that she comes from a fairly religious family, some of whom have turned on her because of the video. After being pressed, she confides in Max that she didn't drink more than a sip of wine before switching to water, and that Nathan offered to drive her to the ER after she began feeling strange It's fairly clear from her story that she was drugged, so she asks Max if she should go to the police, prompting an important choice. If the player encourages her, she'll be happy, but Max will be concerned about butting he with the Prescotts again especially after receiving a threatening text message from an unknown.

If the player tells her to wait, she'll become worried that Max doesn't believe her. Warren is found waiting for Max outside the Kates video life is strange. He asks Max if she'd like to "Go Ape" and him at the drive-through theatre for a Planet of the Apes marathon, which the player can reject or accept. Chloe's still not up yet, but in the mean time, Max catches up with Joyce. She reassures her that moving on after William Price's death was the best option, and doesn't blame her for staying out of contact or believe she was actually responsible for the doobie, if she took the blame in the episode.

Chloe then shows up and tests Max's power by having her guess the contents of her pockets and several near future events, excited to have her best friend back "supersized". This overuse of her power causes Max to suffer a nosebleed. After they've eaten, Chloe wants to leave immediately before her mum can lecture her, but Max gets a call from Kate, prompting another important choice.

A mysterious man who was sleeping behind the diner next to a camper van watches Max and Chloe drive off. They pull up at Chloe's "home away from home", the American Rust junkyard. An infamous sequence has Max explore the junkyard as she gathers bottles for Chloe's shooting gallery, including Chloe and Rachel's hideout which leaves Max feeling vaguely jealous of their relationship.

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After gathering the bottles, Chloe has Max help her shoot by rewinding time every time she misses and telling her how to adjust. Max suffers another nosebleed, and then passes out. After Max comes to, we're introduced to Frank, Chloe's dealer and less-than-enthusiastic creditor. After the situation gets heated, he draws a knife, causing Max to point the gun at him. The player can decide whether to shoot in yet another important choice. If Max pulls the trigger, the gun will be empty, but Frank will be cowed and Chloe will be impressed.

If Max doesn't shoot, Frank will take the gun before leaving, making Chloe angry Chloe and Max then walk along the train tracks before lying down to reminisce. Max gets up to take a photo, but has another fainting episode, waking up to find that Chloe's stuck in the tracks as a train approaches. Using her rewind power, Max can either push a large spool of wire into the tracks to free Chloe, or use some wire cutters to bypass the al box, avoiding doing too much damage.

After being rescued, Chloe reveals some Hidden Depths and talks about chaos theory as she drops Max off back at school. Optionally, Max can help out Warren with an experiment by using her powers to find the correct chemical to add to his experiment or just make it, literally, explode in his face.

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She then goes to Mr. Jefferson's class, only to find him being uncharacteristically unsympathetic to Kate, who runs off instead of taking her seat. Class then begins, but it's soon interrupted with news that Kate is on the dorm roof. Max makes it there just in time to see her jumping off in front of the gathered crowd.

On trying to rewind, she finds that her powers are failing from overuse. She manages to freeze time just long enough to make it to the roof, but at that point she can't use it at all and must talk Kate down on her own. If the player chooses the right dialogue options which can be made easier based on how nice to Kate they've been in this and the episodeMax will be able to coax her down and be hailed as a hero. If not, Kate will jump and is Killed Off for Real.

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The final scene takes place in Principal Wells's office. Max has the opportunity to accuse three different characters of pushing Kate towards suicide; Jefferson for victim blaming herNathan for drugging her and David for harassing her. Depending on who she accuses and whether or not she has proof, Wells can end up suspending any of the three, or Max herself note Jefferson for failing to notice she was suicidal, Nathan because he was responsible for the party and David for failing to secure the doors to the roof.

Max will be suspended if she makes an accusation without the evidence to back herself up. The final scene sees Max talking to Warren about her suspicions that Kate and Rachel Amber are connected somehow, as well as that Nathan and David are Kates video life is strange league with each other. They are interrupted by a solar eclipse, which Warren explains was completely unpredicted. Washington" by Local Natives plays over the ending montage. David and Joyce embrace as he explains the day's events; Wells and Jefferson argue before the later drives off; Victoria cries in her room before being comforted by Nathan; Frank and his dog watch the eclipse.

If Kate survived, she's shown lying in her hospital bed, if not, there's a shot of a candlelit memorial outside the dorms. Chloe sits on the bench outside the lighthouse, apparently shaken by both news of Kate and the eclipse, exchanging texts with Max who reassures her they'll find out what's going on "together". There's a final shot of the same shelf of red binders from the episode. This time the camera pans to a desk, where a mysterious figure is preparing a new binder for Kate This episode establishes that Max starts suffering from them after using her powers too much.

Example of: Psychic Nosebleed. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Episode 2: Out of Time The chapter begins with Max lying down again, but thankfully safe and dry in her bed, as her phone's alarm wakes her up with "Something Good" by Alt-J.

She's been up all night researching time travel, but checking her phone reveals an invitation to breakfast from Chloe, so sleep can wait. Max he off to the showers, where Kate Marsh asks her to return a book she borrowed.

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As she washes herself, she sees Victoria show up and harass Kate over a viral video which apparently shows Kate drunk and making out with several people at a "Vortex Club" party. Feedback Video Example s :. Save Kate's Life Mr. Jefferson m Frank Bowers Kate Commits Su Max is out of t Show Spoilers. Max Caulfield This episode establishes that Max starts suffering from them after using her powers too much. How well does it match the trope?

Kates video life is strange

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