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Well, you certainly have a following. However, she prefers to devote her time helping other women get their feet wet in gaming. Not only is she hot, and good at gaming, but Gunn once was the highest paid female gamer. The future star is a native of California. She grew up in a section of the Golden State known as Antelope Valley. A young Gunn spent her first years in Lancaster before taking up residence in Palmdale. Gunn is the youngest of two girls to Patrick and Pamela Gunn. She has an older sister by the name of Samantha Gunn. The Gunn Family has always shared a tight bond.

One of the activities that drew the entire brood together was gathering around the television set and playing videos games. Loving video games was instilled deeply into the young Cali native. When she had downtime away from family time, she was still gaming. Inevitably, Katherine fell in love with the game that captured the imagination of many early gamers, EverQuest. On top of being sucked into video games, her family also fostered a love for comics. In fact, the Gunns owned a comic book store. They also sold trading cards at the Canoga Park location. While cosplay keeps viewers of Mystik entertained, and begging for more, the comic store also prepared her for a life in gaming.

First becoming competitive playing card games, and then with her family over the Kat gunn instagram game console, her childhood prepared Kat Gunn for a life of eSports. Mystik has a wide-range of memories that involve games. Her first favorite card game was Magic: The Gathering. Seeing as her family owned a trading card and comic book store, many people would come in and play at all hours.

They used to host parties and invite customers into their inner circle. This sense of community holds a spot in the heart of Mystik to this very day. That is why she encourages so many female gamers to prop each other up. That sort of mindset was instilled in her from the early days of the Gunn Kat gunn instagram Comic store. She became an aficionado for Pokemon. Unlike many of the most popular gamers today, Mystik was around before the internet played home to the best video games.

She was one of the foremothers, or an experimental guinea pig, for live gaming communities. When Microsoft first announced it was going to release XBox Live, they did what all gaming companies do, they enlist the help of beta testers. That way, they can work out the kinks before a mass roll-out.

Plus, the company receives feedback from experienced players who can undoubtedly influence other consumers. This form of testing was the precusor to current day influencing seen on social media, something that Mystik is also quite the pro at. Without a doubt, Kat enjoyed her time testing XBox Live immensely. She immediately fell in love with MechAssault.

Most notably, Katherine was a beast at Wild Chicken. With a strong confidence in her abilities, Katherine decided to take her gaming persona to the airwaves.

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Her first step toward this goal was to come up with a clan. This decision led her Kat gunn instagram form a girls only tandem known as the PMS Clan. Unfortunately for the camaraderie that Mystik longs for, there was none of that to be found in the PMS Clan.

Irreconcilable and creative differences drove a wedge between the group that was too far to repair. Shortly after they got together, the group disbanded. Kat gunn instagram, Kat went solo to the World Cyber Games. She attended the finals in Las Vegas, Nevada and took it as an opportunity to show her face to others.

The event was a success for Gunn as she successfully networked with many big names in the growing industry. Mystik rubbed elbows with World Cyber Games executives. The bigwigs extended an invite to the ever-competitive Dead or Alive market. It was off to the races for Mystik from there. Following the successful appearance at the World Cyber Games, the star tried networking elsewhere. The Los Angeles event endeared her to even more influential names in the competitve sports world.

As a result, Kat found herself drafted in the third round to the Championship Gaming Series. The California native caught the eye of the Carolina Core. Although a skilled gamer, the playing field was strong. She landed herself as the 18th pick. Being drafted paid off for the Carolina Core. They actually placed second at the World Finals. Unfortunately, they fell to Chicago Chimera in the photo finish. Happy with her performance, the Core extended an invite for Mystik to stay on for another season.

She happily obliged. This time, they fell victim to the Birmingham Salvo. The loss took place in the World Finals during the semi-final round of events. With the gaming world blowing up, reality television opportunities starting to afford themselves. Primed for a life in front of the camera, Kat jumped at the opportunity.

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Her stats proved to be intimidating to other players. Immediately, Kat was targeted for having an excessively high gaming score. Unfortunately for those other contestants, Mystik was untouchable.

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She walked away with the grand prize at the end of the season. She was the last victor of the show. Not a bad earning for a short-lived experience. The second decade of the s proved to be fruitful for Kat. This event took place at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. She helped promote the Dead or Alive 5 game while there. Thanks to her hard work, the star earned credits at the end of the game.

She would continue to do work for the Pro League until IGN shut down operations of the sector in We love Mystik even more for her hot cosplay. Luckily for the world, she has shared that enthusiasm with other females in the gaming community.

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This led to her create a group that would merge female gamers and cosplay. The team is known as Less Than 3 or LT3. At first, the team was sponsored by Mad Catz. Under this partnership, Kat gunn instagram team recruited Jessica Nigri and Linda Le. During this time, Mad Catz was able to secure the group spots in influential arenas such as:. While she still partakes in cosplay, LT3 has less of a presence than they used to.

Now, Mystik posts mainly on Twitch, and keeps us sweating over her social media feeds. She has a tendency to post a lot of shots in nothing but a T-shirt. Those legs leave a trail left for the imagination. Cosplay is definitely her jam. Mystik likes to switch things up and we love that about her.

Mystik likes to show videos that include gaming with her family and her cosplay fetish. We just like to watch!

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