Into the raptors den

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Container minimized. Note beforehand: This topic is a work in progress. Poke me if anything needs to be added or changed though and I will edit it. The Raptor Den — Map and Information The raptor den is, totally surprisingly enough, the place where the Empire's raptors are being housed.

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Empiretrolls who took the oath are free to borrow one, or use the mount that got ased to them, at any given time without having to ask for permission as long as it is returned. Unbounds and guests however will need to ask for permission first. Map Click on the image for full view. Blank screenshot can be found here. Image last updated on Cezzjav red Legs F Brought into the empire by the rider - old fart. E'ka red with orange feathers Hy'shi M Not a mount just yet.

Zirakthan black Chaos M Brought into the empire by the rider. Zuz'ku green Deke M. M Adult The Raptor Caller's loyal companion. Coffee Entirely brown. F Adult Used as mount but was not suitable to be so anymore due to several reasons. Timid thing who startles easily. Had several nests.

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Kept aside so it wont be used by anyone as mount. Free to find a new rider. Hatched 28 March Delete this post? Force username. Force a ature on this user. Edit ature. Ban Permanently. Ban will expire after. Ban will expire on specific date. Guild website by. Notice Notices. Announcement of. Main Forum Container minimized. Tweet The Raptor Den and the Raptors. Image last updated on Mounts A lot of trolls own their own mount, whether the creature was ased by the Raptor Caller, chosen by the rider, the other way around even, or has been brought into the Empire by their owner.

Used as mount but was not suitable to be so anymore due to several reasons.

Into the raptors den

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Quest:Into the Raptor's Den