How to wet your diaper

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Thread starter yfront Start date Feb 20, Status Not open for further replies. Messages Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. I spent over 6 hours wearing a diaper today, and it was generally a really good experience.

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But the only slightly unsatisfactory aspect was that I wanted to wet the diaper but couldn't, or only a little trickle. I didn't want to force it, just let it flow out naturally, but it didn't want to, even though my bladder was full, and I tried tricks like telling myself it was ok to wet my diaper, that the diaper was thick and absorbent, even looking at Youtube film of a tinkling stream. I assume this will come with practice. Does anyone have any similar experiences, advice etc? Messages Role Diaper Lover Private. I don't wear that much, so I always have some trouble getting it flowing.

What I normaly do is to play video games or read something. However, in Your case I would suggest sitting on the toilet or stand and try to fool yourself that the diaper isn't there. Your brain probably knows that it's okay to pee over the toilet, so try to wet there at first.

Do let the sink dripple a bit for extra effect and try to relax. Makubird Est. When I first started wetting I also found it very difficult. Sitting on the toilet like Amon suggested helped, but also other 'natural' positions like standing up. It's like trial and error. No worry, just keep practicing. Over time it will become much easier. Now I can even wet while I am walking.

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But it took some time to get there. Slomo Contributor. Have you tried to sit on the toilet while diapered, or at least stand in front of it like you would to pee "normally"? The water trickling sound is also a good start, as is the already needing to go.

Also, don't force it- ever. Just keep trying to relax, and yes it will come with practice.

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Messages 4, Role Incontinent. For a beginner, standing up is the easiest; Lying down is hardest. PaddedDeist Est. One of the biggest things is to try to relax. The sounds and visuals of water are nice and you could also close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in a rain storm or near a waterfall.

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The visualization techniques are also good for relaxing. Messages Role Adult Baby Sissy. Well eventually you are going to need to go - and your system is going to let you know - and you will rebel trying to hold it back - relax - go with the flow - yes not easy - maybe running water is all that it takes - the first couple of times you maybe so up tight How to wet your diaper even sitting on the toilet is not going to do it - get up move around - consider massaging caressing the front of the diaper - realize that you are going to have to go at some time - last resort take a glass of water and open the top of the diaper and flood the frontal area of the diaper with the water - in due time the pump being primed - the flow has to start - OK give up and just take the diaper off and sit on the porcelain throne until it does.

Everyone has their limits and what works best - you will just have to play around till you find that threshold. Now of course it could be that you are really not ready for being incontinent - after all these years being potty trained it is very difficult to change horses in midstream - it is so ingrained that it may be impossible to do it - "BUT" as for 2 ve have ways to make it happen - oh do ve - oral stuff - poop tube priming - enemas and colonoscopy preps!

Pete67 Banned. Messages Role Diaper Lover. It does come with practice, I sometimes just watch TV and drink lo of water, and let my bladder empty of it's own accord, tend to get a massive flood which I can't moderate or stop, really just try to relax is the key,. Wetshisbed Est. Messages 2, Role Diaper Lover Incontinent.

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I wish I had problems wetting my nappy. I wet continuously all the time. I've forgotten those days. I wet anywhere, anytime, as long as I'm diapered, but, I don't flood. Your fighting the trickle, when I think you should be allowing it. Who says kids in diapers all flood?? It's basically why people are always complaining about leaks, etc. That's why a good pullup combo works for me. I wear doubles unperforatedand when the inner one is at max, I hit the stall, rip the sides of the used one, and carry on with the fresh one.

Rind Est. Messages 28 Role Diaper Lover Diaperfur. Drinking plenty of water combined with cola, coffee or alcohol should do the trick eventually. Both caffeine and alcohol extract water from your body, resulting in a full bladder soon. What helped me in the beginning is to tap repeatedly on my belly 5 inches bellow the belly button, where the bladder is located. This helped me to let go.

Nowadays I can pee my diaper in virtually any situation and any position, even while walking. For some people it remains to be difficult though. My BF wears diapers every now and then but still can't pee in them properly, even after several years of trying. Maxx Guest. PaddedDeist said:.

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Click to expand Yes, I think the trickle's the thing. My subconscious is telling me trickling isn't the right to pee, I should be saving it up and then flooding, preferably into the toilet. Much the same happened today, except interestingly I had an involuntary trickle after I took the diaper off and put underpants on. Hotdog55 Est. For me, standing up and slightly leaning forward would make it easier. Though usually not too hard I just pee lol.

I know that sounds simplistic. Ragequit Est. Rind said:. Alwaysman Est. Messages 62 Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. Just relax and drink lots of water and try peeing while standing it is much easier when standing up or try running water in the bathroom while standing.

How to wet your diaper

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How to wet a diaper