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This tweet is a snapshot in the life of Lea May Currier. We know her better as Twitch sensation, Legendary Lea. Although she is known for streaming video games and looking good while doing itthere is more to Legendary Lea than meets the eye. Long before she captured our imaginations, Lea May Currier was capturing a degree. Impressively, the future star would earn a degree in both neuroscience and physiology. After college, she continued to work and How old is legendarylea.

She moved to Austin, Texas for a little while before moving back home. Being back in San Diego surrounded the future Legendary Lea with people she used to play video games with when she was. Therefore, this influence started to get the wheels in motion to creating a video star.

Falling down the rabbit hole, Legendary Lea started to stream some of her gaming sessions. Before we knew it, we had a blazing star on the rise and she was hot as hell. Legendary Lea credits the fact that she has two older siblings brothers, in particular for getting into video games. She actually picked up the controller for the first time at the tender age of five. A couple of years later, it was like destiny started to set in.

Young Lea and her brothers found a wallet with no ID in it. The wallet had washed up to the shoreline, much in thanks to the strong current of Lake Powell, coming from Arizona. They used whatever was leftover to buy some games. From there, Lea was off to the races and her life was forever changed. Kicking off the New Year with a new game plan, Lea started her foray into streaming back in January of During this time, she focused her content around her then game of choice, World of Warcraft.

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While the popular game is what got her originally discovered, Legendary lea has since branched out into a variety of different games. She is known to stream everything, including Auto-Chess. According to Legendary Lea, her first love is EverQuest. After that long-lasting love affair, she turned her sights to World of Warcraft. She credits two expansion packs in particular for keeping her engaged for so long. You can regularly stop by and see other up-and-coming female gamers honing their craft and working on their on-air personas.

Lea loves her family. Seeing as her brothers had such a huge influence on her gaming career, she openly expressed her appreciation for them. She also loves her two nephews and four nieces. The family lady also has her best friend, a German Shepard named Sadie.

She loves to feature her Doggo on her social posts and cherishes time spent taking Sadie for walks. Get your head out of the gutter. With Sadie influencing her day-to-day, Lea finds herself outside a lot. This routine caused Lea to fall in love with the outdoors. One of her favorite past times is rock climbing, surfing, and hiking. Lea is like a fish to water. She was on her school surf team when she was in high school. The California native made Varsity every year she attended. While Lea was How old is legendarylea, she had to turn the position down.

Regretfully so, Lea is afraid of public speaking. She followed high school surfing by taking up the sport in college too. Instead, Lea focused on her studies. The schedule was far too busy and something had to give. That something was surfing. This sacrifice paid off Lea academically. She had one piece published in the Saltman Quarterly. Her other piece was shared in a scientific journal.

Most notably, Lea was the third author on an analysis surrounding the olfactory bulb receptors. This makes Lea a sort of guru on essential oils and aromatherapy. While she no longer competes in surfing competitions, Lea still stays on the water. Both her parents and her brother has a wakeboarding and jet skiing boat. After all, the fam take a Lake Powell trip every year. However, Lea will be the first to say that she might not be the best option for womanning the boat.

We just want to see her in her bathing suit. Being connected with nature How old is legendarylea pushed Lea to become more connected with herself. This journey led to her falling in love with yoga at the age of Lea is certified yoga teacher. She had over hours under her belt that allowed her this opportunity. With that, life took Lea into a more focused direction. She started training for Anusara yoga immersion certification.

Legendary Lea has hours of this form of yoga training down.

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Lea was poised for the camera at an early age. In fact, the star was even a model from the ages of 10 to Her momager was all about Lea making it in the spotlight. She got Lea an agent. The agent was successful in getting Lea many bookings. However, she had to travel outside of San Diego.

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Lea feels K-Mart was one of the best experiences during this time period. AsK-Mart needed Lea to get on a plane to film a commercial. Now, Lea is well-traveled. She captures all of this travel on her social sites. Here are some of the sexiest pictures of the model turned yoga instructor…and gamer.

As we mentioned, Lea is a certified yoga teacher. While gaming is her main source of income, she has seemed to focus most of her time on yoga. Therefore, a good portion of her posts are around yoga poses. You know what that means? Yoga pants. Yes, please! In fact, she did so for Playboy. The tease of a gaming star made a BTS video that gives a glimpse of her backside.

Talk about getting behind-the-scenes. In the video, she even poses in front of a wooden wall…emphasis on wooden. Make sure to scope out the bikini shots and close-ups. She looks amazing in Sailor Moon garb.

In addition to anime, she likes to dress up as Final Fantasy characters as well. When it comes to cosplay, Lea can switch it up with the best of them. Next time, Lea, less cos and more play! This dashingly handsome year-old TikTok superstar became an internet sensation in His comedic chops and spot-on lip-synchs is what drew many fans to Payton Moormeier. Now, the brown-haired, brown-eyed star is winning the world over with original music, including his April release of Love Letter.

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How old is legendarylea

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