Household spanking implements

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Many people move beyond hand spanking by using a paddle.

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That raises the question about the kind of paddle you should get. Spanking paddles are made of wood, plastic, leather or rubber. As a paddle is flat and inflexible, it is too blunt to leave stripes—only bruises can result from excessive force—and because of its size. Generally the physical impact is therefore not greatly increased, only the humiliation, if administered bare-assed, except in the case of the holed paddle, the original, oblong model was known as a Spencer paddlewhich causes the victim to blister much faster these holes may be beveled to reduce the chances of blistering.

In the great majority of cases, the paddle is aimed at the recipient's buttocks; rarely, the back of the thighs might also be targeted.

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On the other hand, if the damage allowed is limited, inflicting strokes less intensely allows prolonging the duration of the ordeal of the paddling, as to work over different parts of the butt; prolongation is also possible by pausing, which has the added effect of causing the victim to suffer further mentally and ponder the offense being punished while having to wait for the next painful installment. A spanking paddle is an implement used to strike a person on the buttocks. The act of striking a person with a paddle is known as "paddling".

A paddling may be for punishment, as an initiation or hazing ritual, or for erotic purposes. A paddle has two parts: a handle and a blade. Most paddles are deed to be held with one hand, Household spanking implements a larger paddle may be deed to be held with two hands. Paddles are often made from expensive but durable hardwood, such as maple, oak, mahogany or walnut, and finished with varnish or teak oil; plastic causes less pain due to lower density, though some modern paddles are made of Lexan fiberglass being too likely to break—allegedly that occasionally happens even to hardwood; of course the measurements are also relevant.

Nevertheless some paddles are sometimes not factory-made but home-made or home-modified objects, e.

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Furthermore a long model including the handle increases the leverage and hence the force applied on the punished skin. While a big blade looks frightening, it spre the force over a larger surface, and so with equal weight it would hit less intensely. A narrow Household spanking implements can be more cane-like, to concentrate all the force of one or several consecutive blows on a single buttock or parts of it, rather than across the entire behind, to Household spanking implements more intense pain and worse bruising.

There are numerous implements that can be used for a impact play. Here is a list of implements and the pros and cons for some of them. Note: remove your rings and — if you intend using your arm as an impact implement — consider rolling up your sleeves. There are basically two ways of spanking with an open hand. The first is to stiffen your hand, flattening it like a paddle The alternative is to have your hand relaxed and flexible especially at the wristlike a strap. If you have ever played congas, bongos, tennis or squash, you will know what it means to keep your wrist flexible.

Keep your four fingers together and relaxed, too. Note that it will be mainly your fingers that do the work, not your palm. Your thumb will not participate much, so you can move it a bit out of the way. Concentrate on where and how your four fingers make contact with the bottom. Cupping the hand while spanking the bare bottom reduces the pain produced. At the same time, it produces a much louder sound - this makes the spanking seem more severe than it acually is. This trick can be very useful.

It increases the psychologic effect while keeping the physical pain to a minimum. Pros: Convenient; inexpensive free ; will not bruise; ideal for warm up spankings; excellent for bringing nerves to the surface. Cons: Can be painful after numerous strikes for the one conducting the spanking; not overly painful for the recipient; must spank harder with the hand than with an implement; some people prefer not to use the hand as it's viewed as a loving "item" and should not be used to punish with. Traditionally used by teachers as a spanking implement. A ruler is similar in effect to a thin wooden paddle.

Usually it is not as painful as a hairbrush or a wooden spoon because of its light weight. For the same reason, it is not very effective on a clothed bottom. Modern Household spanking implements rulers are generally too light, metal rulers are of course out of the question, but old-fashioned wooden rulers are a possible alternative to a paddle or hairbrush.

If you spank with a ruler, be careful to hold it perfectly flat at the point of impactotherwise bruising can occur easily where the edge hits. For that reason a ruler should be considered a little unsafer than a paddle or hairbrush. The slipper is another implement that must be rated "ad-hoc" and "not well deed for spanking". Still, many parents use it at home because it is the implement that is within quickest reach. No general statements about pain and possible bruising can be made as the weight and material differs strongly.

Keep also in mind that shoes, especially the soles, are not always the cleanest household items. This is a sometimes used ad-hoc implement especially by mothers in the kitchen. It is not recommended because the impact area of such a spoon is typically quite small. The sort of pain produced is intense, but not very good. Cons: Small, so it must be used all over the buttocks to achieve desired ; can break easily.

The back of a hairbrush is similar to a small paddle. Using a hairbrush instead of a paddle has the advantage that you don't need to buy or make a special implement for the purpose of spanking - but you lose the psychological advantage of having a clearly deated spanking implement in your house.

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The traditional hairbrush will be made of wood, but plastic ones are also possible. The most difficult part is to find a hairbrush that has a suitable smooth, flat or slightly rounded back. Bigger hairbrushes tend to bruise less then smaller ones because they do not concentrate the impact on a too small area. The danger of bruising with hairbrushes is about the same as with paddles.

Pros: Lightweight; inexpensive; excellent for achieving desired sting; covers a larger part of the buttocks; common household item - i. Pros: Lightweight; inexpensive; common household item; fairly quiet when spanking; desired sting stays on the surface of the buttocks; covers larger part of the buttocks; difficult to break. Cons: Not typically associated with spanking; have to spank hard to get desired ; small and difficult to hold; red rubber coating makes the sting lighter than desired.

Wooden paddles were popular for disciplining students in schools in the U. When used on a bare bottom, you need to be extra careful not to spank too hard. There is some danger of bruising the skin. The main disadvantage of wooden paddles is that they make it difficult for the spanker to tell the difference between spanking too hard and spanking too light.

They always make a loud noise. The Household spanking implements pain depends very much on the clothing worn, the paddle's size, material and weight, and how hard it is swung. Paddles with holes drilled through the board sting more because the holes reduce the air resistance and prevent the building of an air cushion the same physical principle finds application in a flyswatter. Spanking paddles come in various sizes, wood types, weights and shapes. However, it also doesn't take great carpenting skills to make a paddle oneself.

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Use a thin, lightweight board. To avoid injury, round all corners and sand the edges well. After thorough sanding, varnish the paddle to make the surface smooth, clean, and free from splinters. Cons: Dense; can bruise if not used properly; can be expensive; not commonly found in stores; can be fairly loud when spanking. Leather paddles come in all makes, models, and colors. They come as fairly thin Household spanking implements and they come as very thick leather. They come as two or three pieces of leather combined and attached to a handle, and they come loaded with lead shot.

They even come with bunny fur on one side and spikey things on the other. You can get a lot of sensations from leather and other paddles. Pros: Commonly associated with spanking; easy to achieve desired sting; sting stays on the surface of the buttocks; not as dense as wooden paddle; not likely to bruise.

Cons: Very loud when spanking; rather expensive; difficult to find one for purchase; considered a rather severe implement. Leather straps are thinner and shorter variations Household spanking implements the belt, and better deed for spanking. However, the thinner ones are too floppy to control, and the thicker ones are too painful and can cause bad bruises. Tawses are special variants of the strap that feature 2, 3 or 4 "tongues".

Their origin and main use to the present day is in Scotland. They easily leave welts. Belts are certainly handy, but they can be difficult to control. They can twist uncontrolled and hit with their edge. They can cause bad and long-lasting bruises. When badly aimed, they can wrap around the body in a non-consensual way. Pros: Everyday household item; lightweight; sting stays on the surface of the buttocks; can quickly achieve desired don't have to spank as much.

Cons: Difficult to control during a spanking flimsy ; can leave welts; loud when spanking; difficult to use in most spanking positions; MUST be a leather belt. A switch is a straight, slender rod cut from a bush or tree. It differs from a "stick" in the respect that it is thinner and more flexible. This flexibility places a switch somewhere in between a thin rattan cane and a birch rod.

Many bush and tree species can be used for this purpose, as long as they have straight, young, slender and flexible rods, but it is difficult to find a really good switch. In summer, you will have to remove the leaves and small side-branches, if any before the switch can be used. It must be absolutely smooth sanding helps if necessary before it can be used relatively safely. Once cut, switches cannot be stored for long because: they become brittle and will break easily once they dry out.

Household spanking implements

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