Having sex in second life

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The easiest route to the sex culture is through the back room of almost any popular nightclub. The essence of cybersex is the chat line. A good lover in Second Life is one who knows how to type, um, descriptively. Anything that goes further is icing on the cake. Of course, Second Life has a lot of icing. One thing that adds to the experience is a set of private parts available in most shopping areas.

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Purchased genitals sometimes come with animations already embedded; all you need to do is click on them and off you go. This is a physical representation of an avatar animation. Get a partner and find a set of sex balls near, say, a comfortable piece of furniture or dungeon shackle set and click on one to spring into action.

Just be sure to click the correct sex ball, or you may find yourself in for a bit of awkward role reversal. But there are many terrific games here, all created by residents themselves. Here are a few of our favorites. Hundreds of players brawl individually or in clans.

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This game was created by former exotic dancer KatanaBlade Anubis, who makes more money in SL than she did on stage. A game-de student created this old-school dungeon-crawler. Strap on armor and begin battling monsters, exploring foreboding chambers, and earning your way to higher levels. Watch in awe as someone throws together, say, a school bus in under a minute. They bought their own island in Second Life and created environments and puzzles that recall Uru. The shindig always culminates with the immolation of a virtual wooden giant.

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Also watch out for the Valentino family mafia, which controls the Valentino casino. Name: BallerMoMo King. Accused of: Extortion, Gang Activity, Flagrant and repeated griefing.

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Name: Katja Eisenberg. Name: GrandDuke Ferdinand. Name: One Song. He waxed philosophic about great thinkers — Nietzsche, Marx, Camus, Bokonon — and took questions from an audience that included a green wizard and a winged anthropoid.

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Check secondlife. Images courtesy of linden lab, second life herald, Jim Rosol, and wagner james au.

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Having sex in second life

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Inside the Massive Kink & Fetish Community Still Thriving on 'Second Life'